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Uber x Taxi Wars

The Kenya United Taxi organisation gave the government 7 days from Tuesday 2nd Feb to remove Uber from Nairobi or they would bring the city to a standstill. This came days after reports began to surface that Uber cars were being attacked by regular taxi drivers in certain areas in the city.The regular taxi drivers… Read more »

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The Age of Streaming is Here

The age of streaming is here! In the second week of January, Netflix announced that it had gone, mostly, global. Here in Kenya, the internet, by which I mean Twitter, immediately went wild with people making jokes (Netflix and chill anyone?) and giving opinions on whether it’ll work or not. iAfrikan itself had a post… Read more »

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Shortcomings of the “Kenyan Tech Blog”

Tech blogs in Kenya suck! It’s something I’ve said before in other platforms and fora. I knew it empirically but didn’t have the hard data to back me up. I do now. Let’s get into why I’m the right person to be talking about this: I’ve been reading tech news on an almost daily basis… Read more »

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Barcamp Nairobi 2013 live-blog

Hey guys I’m at the ihub for the Barcamp Nairobi and today I’m going to attempt a live blog. It’s lunch time now and there no talks going on now but they begin in 10 mins keep this page open for updates. Catch you in 10 mun Talking with Andrew from Ujamaa Ventures giving me… Read more »

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The Awesomeness of Google

This is my tribute to the greatness that is Google; a company I love and want to work for one day because they’re such an integral part of my internet experience. Some I’d like to outline the reasons for my adoration of Google. The Search Engine Firstly (and obviously) is the search engine. This is… Read more »