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Facebook and its Cause Against Fake News

Donald Trump defeated Hillary Clinton to win the USA presidential election, he will be sworn in some time in January. This was a shock for me and the 4 Americans whom I know. Since then, there’s been a rush to explain the win, the forgotten white people, racism, sexism and fake news among others. The… Read more »

Introducing Research Practices in Universities.

I read this great post on Chao’s blog. I was to leave this as a comment on the post, but it got too long. So I decided to post my thoughts here. First, I think the word tech is rapidly losing any nuance it has. When you look at Twiga, Eneza and Sendy, while each… Read more »

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The Current State of Kenyan Built Apps!

Sometime back, I had a conversation with Kirui, who is the lead of Consulting at iHub and therefore my boss, as he was writing a post reviewing Kenyan apps; you can read the posts here and here. In this conversation he lamented the dearth of Kenyan mobile apps. In addition to that he noted that the quality… Read more »

Is Justice being served on “Tuko Macho”?

If you haven’t heard of the Nest Collective’s Tuko Macho web series, then it is my extreme pleasure to bring it to your attention. It is a series that centers around a vigilante group that has grown weary of corruption and impunity, and starts kidnapping people and presenting their case to the public. The public… Read more »

The Central Bank Needs a More Efficient Communication Strategy

So, I was one of the 55,000 depositors affected by the recent collapse of Chase Bank; well it’s not really collapsed, it’s just under receivership because there are people in Kenya allowed to take unsecured loans of KES 7.8 billion – I wonder what it takes to become one of those people. On Thursday 7th… Read more »

What happened at Chase Bank

[View the story “So what happened at Chase Bank” on Storify]

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Uber x Taxi Wars

The Kenya United Taxi organisation gave the government 7 days from Tuesday 2nd Feb to remove Uber from Nairobi or they would bring the city to a standstill. This came days after reports began to surface that Uber cars were being attacked by regular taxi drivers in certain areas in the city.The regular taxi drivers… Read more »

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The Age of Streaming is Here

The age of streaming is here! In the second week of January, Netflix announced that it had gone, mostly, global. Here in Kenya, the internet, by which I mean Twitter, immediately went wild with people making jokes (Netflix and chill anyone?) and giving opinions on whether it’ll work or not. iAfrikan itself had a post… Read more »

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Unraveling the “Kenya Information and Communications Act” Amendment Zero-Drafts

Some time late last year, I’m going to say in November but I’m not certain, the Communications Authority of Kenya (CA) released 6 documents that would amend the Kenya Information and Communications Act, for public comment. You can find the notice for public comment and the drafts here. These documents were zero drafts, which means they… Read more »

Issues with the Access to Information Bill

Sometimes I write about my interpretation of the law, bills and policy documents that come from the government and various other stakeholders. I’m not a lawyer and I’ve never studied law but as a citizen of this country I’m allowed to comment on these things. It’s my constitutional right. Consider that the disclaimer. One of… Read more »

  • Random Acts of Kindness

    Today’s post is a simple one. As the title suggests its all about acts of kindness that I’ve seen and or done in this great nation of ours, Kenya. I’ve had the opportunity to interact with several people in my still young life and I hope to interact with several more. One thing I’ve realised… Read more »

  • Thank YOU!

    This is a new month and with it has come several things to be greatful for! Infact it’s because of that I’m doing this post. At the time of writing this I’m feeling very content. Its the night after an awesome event, Wamathai’s Spoken Word.@Wamathai was celebrating the birthday of his poetry and short story… Read more »

  • DAWA, The Film at the Goethe Institute

    So yesterday I went for the screening of DAWA at the Goethe Institute right here in Nairobi. It was a free screening and I had time. Its a 9 min independent film shot in Kampala and directed by Mark Kaigwa, a Kenyan. I went there expecting to see, well, I’m not sure, an maybe just okay film… Read more »

  • It’s the end of Yu and me

    This is a brief continuation from yesterday’s post on yu. After all that BS with the internet and customer care they went and made sure they did everything and I do mean everything to completely lose me as a customer!!! Yesterday I was angry now I’m fucking livid!! On my way to the Goethe Institute,… Read more »

  • WTF? Is Yu effing serious?!!!!

    I’m so very angry!!! Let me explain why. Today I’m to twitter and @Mwirigi tweet that Yu(cellular network here in Kenya) data had now increased to sh10/mb. I was naawwwww!!!! Really? Why would they do that!? So I called customer care to find out if things had changed and was informed by a very nice… Read more »

  • Faithfulness – a myth?

    I’ve been meaning to do this post for a while now but really haven’t had the time or energy to do it. Immediately after Barcamp Nairobi I promptly feel sick! Yeah that’s right, I reached home and my flu symptoms went through the roof! I got a fever and headache so I took the next… Read more »

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