in A good day

A particularly good day!

Today was an exceedingly good day…I’ve been in a good mood all day and there wasn’t once I felt depressed or pissed at anyone or anything,a rare occurence these days,but even more than this is the fact that I was happy the whole time…

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I woke up at 8.40 or there about,this is earlier than usual because for me its usually 10 or later. What? I have class only in the afternoon from two. Infact I wake up at 10 coz of school so that I can have both breakfast and lunch! Otherwise I’d be waking up between 11.30am and 2pm!! Anyway after waking up I had breakfast and then showered,unfortunately I couldn’t watch cartoons as I had to be else where early. As I dress up I thought of the coming day and the things I had to get done,I was kinda nervous about how one would get done but being me I looked in the mirror,saw near perfection and left the house.

My first stop was Strathmore Uni,Mada where I was meeting with a really good friend of mine called Tutu. He was going to give me the rubber ear things for my borrowed bluetooth headset, I had recently lost one side in church. While there we talked a bit of the argument we’d had last weekend with some friends of ours and of this party we planned to go to this weekend at his girlfriends crib.I then left for town for my next “meeting”.

Now this “meeting” was supposed to at 11am but it was like 11.15 when I called her (from the matatu on my way to town,the jam at Nyayo seems everlasting,always there when I’m using that road) and asked her wether we were still on and she says yes she’s on her way. So I alight at Railways and make my way to the Galitoes on Moi Av. I reach and call her,she tells me something like she’s on her way, so I stand outside Galitoes looking like jobless,plotless niggah!! I hate that-standing around doing nothing-so I begin to contemplate going jobless corner but it was already midmorning so it was packed. I call her again still the same thing,I began to question my judgement on agreeing to meet like this…then suddenly she calls and say I go to Bata.

I head towards Bata and make a decision to instead take her to Steers for icecream.I reach Bata and begin to wander whether I’ll recognize her,it’d been more than 2 year but luckily I did. We head for Steers,where we buy ice-creams-actually I bought,the gentleman always-and head upstairs to catch up. It was so much fun!! She actually talks!! That is,like, the most important thing for me! She didn’t expect me to maintain a one-sided conversation. Aahhh,it was a relief… So it was getting towards the time I had class,so she was like I should let her leave so I wouldn’t be late so I offered to take her to her stage-again,gentleman.

By the time I was headed back towards school it was already 2pm by the city clocks but I knew the teacher was never exact on time,though I was still the last person into class. Thank God class is air-conditioned!! The heat in Nairobi in Nairobi these days is unforgiving!! I even woke up at night to ask myself what was up with the heat!! Class was cool…was horribly sleepy though the first hour:-)

After class went to meet my boy,Nick, at his school near Jevanjee Gardens,Zetech College, he was adding software to his laptop. We’re going home together. On the way to the stage I met Jero! Its was a pleasant enough surprise. She looked good though she said she was sick apparently because of stress,I feel for her. We talked of having lunch(actually I did,she had totally been ignoring me on Twitter) she said in 3weeks coz she has exams. Well that works well for me,my class would cut any lunch me and her would have any time sooner…

Nick and I continued towards the Posta bus stop and immediately we get on to the bus it beginnings to rain. We go to my place because its close and Nick had his laptop,I change my shoes and immediately it stops raining we head for his house in West. After we drop the laptop we head to Strath to see Paula and Diana…Nick and Diana seem to be getting really really close. Nick says he ain’t doing anything consciously and he doesn’t want it to go anywhere but I can see a very close relationship developing there…we’ll see where it goes.

That was a fitting end to a really good day. Hanging with Paula is always stress and thought free. I like that. Anyway that’s it from me for now…There’s a party on Sato…I’ll definately have something to say about it when its done:-) PEACE!!

  1. Young Kenyan boy this was below your potential please never put this kind of post on a blog if you want followers.

  2. omg are you the Sidney ochieng' from saints. How've you been sweetie. I so totally love your blog and fuck that idiot. We should catch up. I'll follow you on twitter like right now.

  3. Hey! I'm not sure who this is,you shoulda left me a name. Yeah,I was in Siantz. Thanks for the encouraging comment! DM or tweet me and we'll definately catch up…make sure you do:)

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