Poetry for my old(?) flame…

I wrote this for someone I love and care for very much but shit wasn’t isn’t working. It was written back when I was in high school(which wasn’t that long ago) so anyway here it is:

I don’t know what to say
Though my love grows day by day
I feel as if you keep pushing me away
And i wander if you want to stay

My emotions are getting strained
My heart is get pained
Am getting drained
And am feeling constrained

I don’t know what this is
But I wish it wasn’t like this
Coz it’s still you I miss
And still hope to kiss

So i need to know what you want
To live in this confusion I can’t
I know this is kind of blunt
My love you can’t daunt

My lord, this girl was difficult, she just could make up her mind, first we were going out,then sudden we weren’t and she wanted us to be friends and then she said I should wait for to finish school.

All this time I took all her undecision in stride(I only ever lost my temper once. I blasted her hard but she had really really annoyed me,talking a lot) We still talk when ever she’s around. So I can still hope, can’t I? Peace!!!

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