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The Exam week! And the best exam I ever did!

Last week, Friday, my lecturer announses that we’ll be having our exam the next week Friday. Being that we’ll only be having two exams for this whole course it coud be considered major!

Anyway he, the lecturer, goes on to talk about cheating and how he can tell when people are cheating but the things he was talking about were for catching amatuers! If he new all the skills my old classmates in high school developed he’d be shocked!! On that note I have to mention that I heard that Nairobi Uni uses CCTV for exams!!! As in WTF!!! Let the children copy,dub,lift and cheat! It doesn’t mean they don’t know…they just forgot on that particular day!

So I’ve know about the coming exams for a whole week but unfortunately I have been so so busy…what with all the series I had to watch,actually it was just one but three seasons,Avatar:The last Airbender,the book I had to read,The Secret Life of Bees, the people I had to see, Rodney in Yaya,twice, class itself and TV…I just didn’t have time to study anything.

Okay the teacher gave us one day free, Thursday, so that we could study. I used that morning to finish Avatar and I must say that I just love that cartoon!! It didn’t have a single boring episode. If you still watch cartoons I’d suggest you watch it! I decided to go to school so I could study, unfortunately I reached there I found that the internet was on so ofcourse I was distracted reading Savvy blog:The Dairy of a Kenyan Campus Girl…she writes well, I’d recommend it to every one! After 45min admin switched off the internet by which time I was in no mood for studying so I left to cut my hair and see Rodney. At Rodney’s we made fun of the Ester Arunga and the finger of god nonsense. I personally don’t care much that she joined a cult, maybe that she quit KTN but what really has me going is that she joined one called finger of god! The jokes that are going round on this on twitter are too funny! It must have been a tranding topic in Kenya! People on FB didn’t take it up as much…they’re boring! First it took forever for them to start commenting about it and even when they did, it was not anything funny!

After that rather busy day I returned home hoping that I might be able to study in the night. But after supper I went straight to my room, dropped on my bed and blacked out to wake up the next morning at 9! Nktest!

On Friday I woke up to find two missed calls from Paula,who was supposed to come to my house that day. She had come to the gate of my house but since I couldn’t wake up she went back home! Nkt! So a dropped her a msg on FB and she told me she was on her way back. She was here until 12 after which meant that the morning was gone,again! I used the remaining two hours to study…in the loo,on the bus,on the streets on the way to school…everywhere possible.

I get to class early,first time this week, and find everyone, except deski my deski, Ronzy, already there… I sit down and announce that I’ll not be failing this exam so everyone must be prepared to enter dub mode! People laughed and began to make similar declarations. The teacher comes in a hand out the papers and immediately walks out!

:)And immediately the discussion begins. We’re only 10 in class so I can’t say we’re shouting across the room but I like to imagine it like that! Unfortunately for me the rest of the class seemed to think I was the genius(which I am) in the room so I was the one always being asked for the answers! So annoying! Sometime you just wanna finish your work before people start bothering you for answers! It had back when I was in Saintz and I hated it then as much as I do now. How ever now as I think about it I guess its a compliment to my genius. Personally, I try not to use textbooks in exams to cheat,call it twisted morality but that doesn’t mean I didn’t encourage everyone else to use them:). All in all it was a stress-free exam and the only time we all got to talk properly. I loved it!!

Anyway I just found out that I’m on a 9day holiday ’till class starts again. I wonder what I’m going to do to fill that time. I wish my best friend was still here would’ve spent the week as his house. Anyway that’s all for now.PEACE!!