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Virtual game block? Doubt it…

savvykenyaSo on Sunday I posted a tweet that resulted in a conversation on twitter between me and Savvy ,writter of The Dairy of a Kenyan Campus Girl, that had me thinking of a new blog post. I’ve posted it here so that you get what I’ll be talking about….

cdohnio: I’m sure its just me
but I’m finding it difficult to
maintain vybe with a chic…

savvykenya: @cdohnio but
you can maintain vybe with a

cdohnio: NKT! Don’t be
silly!! 🙂 I didn’t mean it like
that… RT @ ssavvykenya:
@cdohnio but you can
maintain vybe with a guy?

savvykenya: @cdohnio I
knew you what you
meant…maybe the two of
you arent meant to be..

cdohnio: @savvykenya
Friends with every girl I

savvykenya: @cdohnio are
you more than friends with
other girls you know?

cdohnio: @savvykenya No, I’m

savvykenya: @cdohnio not
even with one girl?

cdohnio: @savvykenya Nope.
Not even one…

savvykenya: @cdohnio not
even the one in your twicon?

cdohnio: @savvykenya The
one in my twicon is my
mother:). It goes back to what I
said earlier about difficulty…

savvykenya: @cdohnio no
need to try n explain…we can
let that go!

cdohnio: @savvykenya I think
I’ll write a blog post about
it…mind if I feature this
conversation and your name?

savvykenya: @cdohnio not at
all..go ahead with the post
and send me a link when u
publish it.

So from the conversation you can tell (unless you’re very slow) that I’ve been having probelms with vybing chics. Now don’t get it wrong, there is nothing wrong with my game, infact I’ll be as bold to say its as on point as ever! “So what does ‘having probelms with maintaining vybe’ mean” you may ask…

It means exactly what it says, but what it doesn’t say is that I’ve been having this probelm on FB and texting. I can’t speak for twitter because so far I don’t have active vybees following or DMing me. Don’t get it wrong in person I’m great… Stories are there. Jokes? Definately!! Compliments? On point! Things to talk about? Several! Timing? Impecable!(I’m not sure this is the correct spelling). But when it comes to talking to the vybees on FB or texting them I quickly lose syke and energy, espeacially if I can see the conversation hitting a deadend(where there no more questions to be asked) soon. As in, I just don’t want to have to struggle thinking of more questions to ask and stuff. Why should it be my job to keep a virtual conversation going? Virtual conversations aren’t the same as in person ones: You can’t vybe as if you’re right there with them. Stories are only great when you can tell them verbally so that you can create the right atmosphere for them,with jokes its the same thing, the atmosphere is equally as important.

So, how do I know this isn’t just a probelm with my virtual game? After all, failing or finding difficulty would probably be the same thing someone with little or no virtual game. Well I know first of all because it me!! If there is something I know is that my game is great-all of it! Also because back in the day-two or three years back-I’d vybe several girls at the same time, virtually obviously, and all would be feeling me and I had no difficulty maintaining vybe!

So what happened in those two,three years? I went to boreding school in a far away land and my parents separated. The latter is the one still affecting me ’till today(remember I’m young) in ways you wouldn’t/couldn’t imagine. Perhaps one day I’ll let y’all know what I mean so you can try imagine it.

Oh yeah, another thing thats in the conversation is that I’m not more than friends with any girl. Well, I don’t think in my current state of mind I can maintain a relationship, I just don’t have the energy to do so.

Also please note: I may be having difficulty vybing chics virtually it doesn’t mean the ones I am struggling with ain’t feeling me!!! MY GAME IS ALWAYS ON POINT!!

Special mention goes to Savvy for letting me use our conversation for this post and her name,actually its more her name coz I’d’ve used the conversation under a different name anyway. Y’all go check out her blog. Until next post…PEACE!!!