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4 days of a really bad mood

Am not sure how to start this but I realise that by writing this I’ve already began…Its been four days…four days of a really bad mood. I’m not sure why but of the last four days I’ve realised that I’ve been very angry for most of the time lets look at the days one at a time.
Day 1: My baby sis, J, wakes me up to tell me that she’s been left by her school bus so I immediately wake up wondering what could’ve gone wrong this morning! So I walk out into the sitting room and right there taking care of her stupid kid is H, the stepmother! Stupid woman how does Joyce skip the “adult”(using this extremely loosely) in the house and come wake me up!! NKT!! And she didn’t even seem concerned!! so anyway I immediately take J to school but seriously how is it that am the one taking all this responsibility of a parent when there are two adults in the house??? They’re just fair weather parents.Dad with his bullshit “bonding” sessions.He’s never there when J is crying or sad or angry.He’s even walked out once when J was crying for our mum…just walked in saw the tears and walked right back out!
Day 2:Its Saturday and I get J ready for church and pack her stuff for going to our mum’s. Well going to church was cool and went to Oasis for the first time.It a small,intimate church.I liked it a lot. Well I went back to church to find that everyone from class was on their way out! On top of that J was going not going to stay with mum so that means baby-sitting all weekend and apparently she had a function in school the next day… That was so fucked! It meant there was no where I was going this weekend…sigh.And then H wanted me to do the dishes…nktest!!! Kananizoea!
 Day 3: wake up to get J ready for her graduation at school.Its Sunday and its supposed to be my lazy day but for J, anything,I make for her and me breakfast then tell her to go wake up dad to tell him she’s ready…he steps out of the room and casually asks if I’m going with her or she’s going to be alone!! As in WTF!!!! Is it really my responsibility to be attending J’s school functions? Am not her parent!!!! This nigga needs to get serious!! I really want to move back in with my mum where I could be lazy and without (much) responsibility. So there goes my whole Sunday but it was worth it in other ways like getting to hang and talk to my mum and seeing J so happy to be with her friends and playing.This was slightly marred by my nose bleed.
Day 4:Failed to wake up to see that J got a full-ish breakfast so I went back to sleep and woke up a couple of hours later…then when H is leaving she informs me that Dad doesn’t want me to take his fan again!! Nktest the way that thing was going to send me back to sleep? What so wrong with me using it when he’s not there? He just doesn’t like sharing his stuff…well fuck it! He can go fuck it! And then his stupid wife shouts at J? Who gave her that parental right??!! Silly girl! If she does it again she’ll be hearing from me! Lets see what tomorrow brings…

Note: This was written so long ago but I just wanted to share it out with the world. I get so frustrated sometime and so I write things like this when I do, its better than killing my stepmum 🙂 Don’t you think? As always peace!!


  1. Am sorry….I think the main problem here is u dont like living with ur dad and stepmum, so maybe u should just move back home.

  2. Hey! Mama wa kambo( step mom) are usually not nice because they feel guilty and threatened. Guilty because they know they shouldn't be there and threatend because you are eternally linked to your daddy. Find some coping strategies —ask your friends who also have "steppies". As for Daddy, it broke his heart to see J crying for Mom. couldn't cope did not want to show his weakness and make J more sad……..from "amateur psychologist"

  3. Amateur psychologist, first thanks for commenting, second while I agree with some of what you've said I think the last part is hogwash!! Not wanting to show weakness nkt!!

  4. Huh!

    Sad. Pole.

    Sucks having a step-mom like that. Fortunately, not all are this way.

    Writing for me is a form of therapy. I write mostly when I'm down and I just mwaga all my frustrations on "e-paper"!

    Take care. Nice knowing how much u love ur sis 🙂

  5. Yeah I also write to relieve stress and shit, also because I think its cool people like what I write(ego inflating). My step mum isn't as bad as protrayed here. I think she fears me:) I live for my sis

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