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Happy Kenya Blogger’s Day (And Madaraka Day)

Today is Kenya Blogger’s Day. I only just remembered, okay that’s a lie I’ve been wondering about it since yesterday, but I’ve only just confirmed it now. It’s also Madaraka Day with my country Kenya celebrating the 47th year of self rule from colonial Britain.

This is the first time I’m able to celebrate this day because I’ve only been a blogging for about 5 months. My first post was tech related and about the I-pad. Very boring if you don’t care much about tech. But since then the blog has evolved into something I write about anything I feel like. The name also changed from Random thoughts… to what it is today, Private thoughts… because I felt that random thoughts was a little too common and not really what I felt the blog truly represents.

Being a Kenyan blogger for me has been a most interesting journey from nil followers I know have 8 public followers on my blog. Also from no comments at all I’ve now experienced a high of 13 on one particularly awesome and some what controversial post on Homosexuality in Kenya. Not to mention all the comments I get on twitter for my work.

When I first started I had no idea how big the Kenyan blogosphere was. I had only heard of @savvyKenya who’s blog appeared in the Kenyan mag Zuqka but since I’ve become such an active member of the community I’ve seen blogs about all sorts of things right here in Kenya and its truly opened my eyes to the divers culture I live in.

This blog has also been an awesome learning experience. I’ve learnt about homosexuality in Africa and about asexuality. Its also allowed me to interact with people from around the world like @Sgyreju from France who helped me understand about asexuality and @Joliea from right here in Kenya  who helped with the homosexuality thing. It also amazes me to know that my blog is read by people in the US, Russia, Pakistan, Israel and even Ukraine.

I’m thankful for you, my readers, who constantly come back to read what ever I write for you. This is my platform for sharing with the world (together with twitter) my thoughts, my hopes, my dreams and my fears. May God continue bless you and Kenya! So from me and every one of my alters: Happy Kenya Blogger’s Day! Peace!

  1. Thanks. I think I'm the only one who celebrated it though… I search the web but could only find post for like three years back. Sad.

  2. I am a member just that the badge is on the bottom of the page. Maybe I'll move it to top! I joined so that everyone would that I'm a Kenyan blogger!

  3. In relation to your first post>
    Nowadays, as a signature to your email, you sign off hapo chini as:
    Sent Via the iPad.

  4. Boyfulani which post? The I-pad one? I think its an amazing device but I want to see what android comes up with…

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