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It’s the end of Yu and me

This is a brief continuation from yesterday’s post on yu. After all that BS with the internet and customer care they went and made sure they did everything and I do mean everything to completely lose me as a customer!!! Yesterday I was angry now I’m fucking livid!!

On my way to the Goethe Institute, where the film DAWA was showing (More on this in a bit), my credit finished! I was like wow! That was 150bob in one day! I was already looking forward to getting home and changing the accursed line! I went a got myself some credit and loaded it in.

Lo and behold the credit wouldn’t load!! And it was bringing a message like: Sorry, there’s something wrong with the system? Please try again later. And can we all go with one voice “WHAT THE FUCK!!!?!?!?!” Never mind I was supposed to meet someone(@joliea) through twitter over there but how they just go and cut my from the world like that. I couldn’t tweet or facebook or text/call! I felt so disconnected from the world!

Anyway its cool. I’m now the official yu anti-brand ambassador. I’m making it my personal responsibility to stop people from moving to the yu network! Yes I’m that pissed. That is all. Peace

(I can’t end this post without crediting @Buggz79 for the title of this post. Hilarious! If you don’t get it you’re incredibly slow *evil laughter*)

  1. I'm extremely livid! I'm making my business to make sure everyone knows how shitty the Company is!!

  2. they are completely yuseless. I have a modem, coz of the unlimited offer but I find myself using my phone more. And when I call customer care, they usually hang up on me. One lady did not even know how to subscribe for the unlimited net. The average speed is 0.00Kbps, no kiddin. Am goin to unblock it.

  3. @wakarima I know! Their internet crawls! Their customer service has been excellent before yesterday's incident though. But it might have just been me. Thanks for commenting!

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