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Dear cdohnio… (letter to my 13 year old self)

Yesterday @Chiira tagged me in one of his posts, “To thirteen year old me“, and that tasked me to write a letter to the thirteen year old me. Wow, 13 years old, that was a good year. It was a handful of years back. Hmmm…so what would I say to myself?

Hey young padawan!

How you doing? Yeah, I know it’s a little weird to be reading a letter from yourself but think of this: I know what’s going to happen to you and how you can avoid it;)
This year you joined form 1, good for you! You did well in your exams! You only failed Kiswahili, and yes I know you expected that but if you plan to do any better KSCE get your shit together! Don’t worry you that didn’t get the highest in maths, you only missed it by two, you’re still a genius and in the coming years you’ll prove it severally.
It’s unfortunate I’m the one to tell you this but you are currently in the eye of the storm, everything seems so calm right now but the force of it is still coming. What I’m talking about? Well for starts you go to a crappy boarding school! Yeah, you don’t think it happens but it does. But that isn’t the worst; your parents will get divorced and that comes with it own problems but as always you’ll deal with the best you can. So why am I tell you this? Apart from preparing you for what’s to come, I need you to try enjoy the coming years as much as possible you’ll thank yourself later!
Yeah still on enjoyment can you go out and vybe the ladies! Even when you change schools (You took a year’s break, what the hell?) I know you’ve got game!(I mean you’re me, how can you not?) And by that I mean stop with the charming of all girls and get a bloody girlfriend!!! How can I be my age and not have been in a relationship yet? Dude!!! Come on! So how about instead of spreading the love you focus on one?
Probably the last thing, you and Debbie are getting really close, right? If not you will! Dude that chick is HOT!!!!(Even here in my time) Can you get with her already? She likes you, you know it and you don’t do shit?!?! What the fuck?? I know you’re telling yourself that your bidding your time but you lost her because of it! GROW SOME BALLS AND TELL HER HOW YOU FEEL! Do it today! Or rather as soon as you start getting really close! Because if you don’t she’ll taunt you every week with her beauty.
Don’t worry about it too much though because if you fail for some unknown reason –I can’t see why though, you’re me, we don’t fail…much- you’ll discover something about her that will effectively put you off her for good! Blame Vic, he put thoughts in your head that just changed your perspective on her. Idiot!!
I know I said last thing way back but you’ll soon realize when you actually sit down to write in the future you just don’t know where to stop. I remember I wrote (you haven’t done it yet, though) a seven paged letter to some one! You just went on and on! Good lord I shudder looking back at that because it was sent to someone who didn’t appreciate that you taken time to write to her.
You and Vic are going to have plenty of fun times in the years coming, charming girls, dreaming of the future, rumour starting, fighting and dissing people almost to tears! Cherish those times because you’ll lose him sooner than you know. I missing him right nowL. Don’t worry he didn’t die so don’t start flipping!
Anyway I should stop now, I have a lot to say you but I don’t really have time or the words to so this is the end. Remember: Do Debbie, have as much fun as possible, keep taking risks and continue to laugh at yourself because it’s the only way you’ll get through what’s coming. You’re awesome!
Cheers, (Would’ve used love but we both know how much we love ourselves)
P.S: You know you started a blog? Yeah, it’s awesome, so if you could get a head start on it that would be super!
P.S.2: Get started on the extra curricular activities now because the time you’ve planned for them gets disrupted by boarding! Yeah, it sucks ass!
P.S.3: Some idiots in your class in the beginning of the year some idiots will laugh at you saying they’re cleverer than you for getting higher K.C.P.E scores but you’ll silence them with the first exam and your crappy Kiswahili scores(really you should work on this) 
Continuing in the tradition I here by tag : @Sgyreju of Rainbow Amoeba’s Petri Dish , nobodyouknow of 

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  1. Haha!
    LOL! WHy do get have the feeling that this Debbie and u thingy never happened? 😀 maybe am teasin..

  2. Imagine I never had a crush …or so I think. Yeah Debbie vybe, I hope you learnt from that, if you like a girl tell her.

    who's Vic #curiosity
    Lovely post.

  3. @Stupendoustidbits Yeah I learnt alot from Debbie. Never again will I make that mistake again!! Vic is my best-friend.

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