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Random Acts of Kindness

Today’s post is a simple one. As the title suggests its all about acts of kindness that I’ve seen and or done in this great nation of ours, Kenya. I’ve had the opportunity to interact with several people in my still young life and I hope to interact with several more. One thing I’ve realised is that the way we treat the people can and probably will affect us and the person for some time to come.

While this post is about kindness, I feel it would be unfair not to include this; the way one person in an institution treats a person may determine how someone feels about it for the rest of their lives. I’ll forever take this to heart as I go through life and when I start my own company.

Anyway onto the random acts of kindness:

I’m travelling on a KBS with my boy N, randomly the conductor came and started talking to us, then he let me play with his ticket thing. He was cool, funny and probably high but I’ll always remember him when ever I choose to get on to a KBS rather than a Citi Hoppa (which has horrible customer service)

Once I was walking down the steps of the brigde at Posta City Square when this old lady, some way a head of me, dropped her bag and it rolled down the steps. I watched expecting some one to give her a hand and pick it up for her but no one did. I had to get ahead of her and pick it up for her. She was already carrying a lot and if she had bent to pick up that bag she might have dropped a lot more. (More on this on a post tomorrow)

I’ve been to a few government offices and other private ones this year, JAB, Helb, some public unis and the City Hall just to mention a few. And at most of them I’ve been treated so well I’ve been left with a deep respect for the whoole institution. Every time I’ve been treated with respect I’ve left the office smiling because it always feels good (and kind of shocking) to be treated so well. Mad props to Maseno Uni, JAB and more recently City Hall. JKUAT has had the most pathetic relations so far.

When was the last time you gave blood? I did recently and was informed that I had helped save three lives. I’ve donated blood about 4 times so that comes to a total of 12 lives. How many lives can you say you’ve saved? Donating blood is something that takes only about 30 mins max. And you get a card that shows you did a good deed and that you don’t pay for blood if ever (God forbid) you should need it. I have no idea why so few people donate blood.

Anyway this list isn’t exhaustive of the acts of kindness that I’ve witnessed or taken part in but I felt I needed to put this shortlist to remind you, my readers, that we should all be on the look out to take part in these simple acts of kindness. Help that lady find her way somewhere (did that recently) you never know where that might one day take you. Even if it doesn’t give you any direct benefit isn’t it enough to know that you might have single handedly brightened someone’s day?

So have you witnessed or taken part in a random act of kindness? Let me know in the comments and if I get enough of them I’ll do a follow up post on this, featuring your acts of kindness! Oh, and don’t forget there’s a part2 tomorrow! Peace!!