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Thank YOU!

This is a new month and with it has come several things to be greatful for! Infact it’s because of that I’m doing this post. At the time of writing this I’m feeling very content. Its the night after an awesome event, Wamathai’s Spoken Word.

@Wamathai was celebrating the birthday of his poetry and short story blog There was quite a crowd there! We, i.e Kenyan bloggers, are so very proud of him! He has proved that big things can come from blogging.

I meet so many people there and one of my favouite bloggers was performing, @Savvykenya. I was there to support her and I think I over did it with the shouting and the cheering because someone called me a groupie. Hmmm, that wouldn’t be far off but I won;t explain that here or now, maybe in a future post. Did I mention she was in a green dress? I didn’t?? Well she looked hot!!

But even she had nothing on on someone who I consider to have been the best dressed of the night, @Joliea. She have on a purple shirt with a pair of fitting 34 shorts.(these are becaming increasingly fashionable, perhaps another trend?) She looked stunting! There were other ladies there looking good but for me she stood out. It’s unfortunate but I didn’t get a picture!

Today’s blogpost isn’t supposed about Spoken Word, Savvy or Joliea. I just thought I’d mention about something interesting I did this week. It’s actually somethig I promised I’d do when something happened.

I don’t know how many of you have noticed but I recently clocked 200 follows on twitter! Yeah I know its not much of a big deal but hey its 200!! But even more important is something I noticed last night. Take a look to the left of this post. How many followers do you see? Yeah that’s right I HAVE 10 REGISTERED FOLLOWERS of my blog!! That’s a big milestone for my blog!!

I’m so proud of myself for actually keeping this blog going for all this time! I can’t say it’s been easy, wondering wether anyone cares about your opinion or writings, or why there no comments or having analytics show you no one been to your blog the last 7 days(it happened once, stats had flatlined at 0. Almost did an post about it blaming the analytics software obviously:-D) but it has certainly been fun and a learning experience!

So this post is here to celebrate my 200th follower on twitter, @mawazo_mengi, and far more importantly my 10th(public) blog follower, Nancie. I know there several of you who haven’t registered but follow through my links on twitter and I’m greatful for you all. This post is for you all, to show my appreciation and say thanks for taking your time to read, to comment and to tell me how much you love my writing because for this blog and for a some part of me, you are the most important people in the whole world! Peace.

  1. Wawawa!

    Now even writing *blush* here doesnt make sense coz I fell over! (sic!)

    Thank you Thank you Thank you Thank you Thank you Thank you Thank you Thank you Thank you Thank you !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    Am glad we met and enjoyed the event. will forever be a legend.

    p.s. never seen ur comments there tho..hmm..
    ebu c

  2. your welcome 🙂 keep on writing, i tend to read and not comment so usijali unasomwa!

  3. @joliea Haiya! I hope it wasn't too much! I haven't coomented there because some how reading poetry on a computer screen doesn't do it for me. But I'll try be reading from now on.
    @mawazo_mengi I know many people don't comment but they read. You were supposed to tell me what you thought of my writing btw.

    Thanks for commenting! Both of you!

  4. I could have commented earlier, but blame it on my phone.

    Um…thank you, #number1 groupie 😉 😉 😉

    And we do keep reading. Like I read all posts, then sit down one time and comment on all of them.

  5. I wish to thank you for coming to the event and for sharing details of the event on twitter. I'm glad you had a good time..

  6. @Savvykenya Thanks for reading! I really appreciate it! Yeah i'm your number one groupie!!
    @Wamathai thanks for hosting us! And thanks for commenting!

  7. Like @mawazo_mengi I always read but not always comment. So far your blog has proved to be not only resourceful but also inspiring(to future bloggers) and as a reader… Thank you for writing!

  8. @Kirembu Thanks! You can't see me now but I'm seriously blushing blushing hard!

    @Joliea You've got to be the most consistent comment here! If I was better off you'd get a shield or certificate or something! I think I just realised where the second drink came from!:-D

  9. your welcome 🙂 keep on writing, i tend to read and not comment so usijali unasomwa!

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