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I was fifth!!!:)

Hey guys! It’s been a minute hasn’t it? I’m sorry I’ve been dealing with some issues so I wasn’t doing much of anything. Did you guys notice that the Kenyan Blog contest ended recently?(Okay not so recently! I’ve been gone for quite a while and I’m not even quite sure if I’m coming back yet, sorry?) Well it is and you’ll never guess where I placed! I was fifth that isn’t bad for a relatively new blog is it?

So I had envisioned a whole acceptance speech dancing around my head from the very minute I heard of the contest. I thought I’d place better than 5, I guess that was my arrogance and pride there, I told you before that I believe that I’m the best in everything I do, anyway since I placed fifth and that my “opponents” where far more experienced and mature than me I’m still very proud of myself and will regal and probably bore you with a thank you speech.

—————————————————-Speech begins—————————————————–
Ladies and Gentlemen,
I, cdohnio, have placed fifth in the inaugural Kenya Blog Contest and the Action category. As young as I am at blogging. you my distinguished readers have dimmed me fit to place so highly in this prestigious competition.

By ranking me so high, so soon, you have shown me that you value what I have to say to you here. That my writing do serve some purpose. That you like my writing. You have, and you may not realise it, put upon my young shoulders certain expectations that I feel the need to live up to. I now have to live up to your expectations and I promise to do so to the best of my ability.

I can’t leave without saying yes I voted for myself, so maybe this ranking isn’t as well deserved, but I feel no shame about it. Also I could have rigged the poll but I thought better of it and instead asked you to do it for me. *Smile and wait for laughter to die*I can’t tell if you did or not but if you did you didn’t really do a good job of it! If you need help maybe you should have come to me for advice next time.

Finally I’d like to thank the following people for all their help; @dealy_halo, my friend, first follower and blogger for his continual support of this blog, @savvykenya my sometimes muse, role model and friend, @joliea probably the most frequent commentor here, I doubt you could find a post where she has commented and for that I’m eternally grateful.*Tear up here* I’d like to thank each and every one of my readers!*more tears, go Chris Brown on them* I love you all!! *Blow kisses while leaving the stage*
——————————————————Speech ends—————————————————–

That was fun, even though it’s for the 5th place! But still 5th place is awesome! I really never thought I’d place that well without rigging the polls myself:) Catch y’all next post. Peace!!!
Someone, @greatrnk, actually took the time to come up with a list. I’ve added it so you can really get the perspective of my awesomeness! It turns out I managed to also get top 10 overall!!! I was number 9! YAAAYYYY!!!! I feel another speech coming on! But let me spare you!:) so here it is, congrats to all those who did better than me and for those who came after me 😛 suck one it!! You do better hext time!

Top 10 Blogs as Voted by You:
10. Diary
Again, peace!!!

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