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´╗┐Hey y’all! Yes, I already have another post for you already! I don’t know how long this momentum will maintain but recently I keep finding more and more stuff to write about. Also I really don’t have to much to do in the evenings because well the assignments haven’t really kicked in. So for now I have much to write.

The other weekend my cousin, yes the one featuring in the last post and one before it, invited his girlfriend from home to school,with her sis, who he was trying to hook me up with.

They came just after 2 and since they had not had lunch we decided to take the to the school mess, which due to the ‘late’ hour had already shut down. So we had to take them to one of the many places that have names like Hill hotel and Hotel but really they’re just cafes.

So we went to the closest one, I wanted us all to sit at the same table but my cousin insisted that we sit at separate tables couple-couple. Idiot!!(You’ll see why soon)

So while we were eating, things with ummm lets call her L were going very well btw, I noticed that L’s attention was shifting between the counter and her sister so I looked over my shoulder towards the counter and who do I see there? Previously mentioned papped fresha and Leon, who looked to be trying to explain to her what was going on, and failing! I glanced at L’s sis and she was also looking suspiciously at them. It was all I could do from laughing.

Of course, I didn’t pay them too much attention. If he was going to get away with this he didn’t need my attention otherwise he’s girlfriends, the both of them, would’ve know something was up.

I don’t know how he explained his way out of it but somehow he emerged relatively unscathed though visibly shaken from the ordeal. I just laughed at him, hard. I personally find it funny that he actually cheated and then got caught, I mean why do it anyway? It’s just an unnecessary risk. You already know some of my thoughts on unfaithfulness. This is just something I found so hilarious. And I tried to tell him it’d be better to sit together but he insisted, right? Idiot, just like I said:-D Peace!

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