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Fresha papped!!

I wrote this a while back but my phone mem-card decided it’s misbehaving and got a virus or bug of some sort and I had to format it. And this post was on it so I had to write it again which I’m sure it’ll not be as awesome as when I first penned it but know I’ll try my best.

So my cuzo came to room about a week ago with what I saw as both shocking and awesome news! The girl he was aiming for, the one I told you about before, had ingia’d box(That’s to say she was really feeling his vybe, hey half my audience is actually from the US). Yup she had been papped!!:-D Of course I was happy and proud because as far as I could tell at the time he was setting pace for all freshas. Most freshas are still keeping to themselves looking as confused and lost as ever.

But he went on to tell me something even far more interesting than her ingia’ing box. That things with her were going to well she was going to wash his clad the next day. I was like WTF!!!!!!!??? When!? How? He even goes on to add that it was her who suggested it.

To say I was shocked would be an slight understatement. But it got me thinking of something I’ve noticed here on campus. I was come back from one of my lesson and I notice the guy two doors down from me, his room door is wide open and loud music, Westlife, booming through it but what was interesting was who was listening to them and what she was doing.

She was hard at work scrubbing and mopping the floor of the room. Get this: my hostel is all boys, in fact the nearest girls hostel is almost 1km away(much to my annoyance). I didn’t think much about it until the next day, I see another girl vigorously washing clothes outside another hostel and all the clothes were guy clothes. And then my cuzo comes and tells me this and it got me thinking.

All the girls I know, and I’d like to assure it’s no small number, there’s not a single one who I can imagine doing anything like washing her dude’s clothes or cleaning his room. In fact most, like my sis, would laugh at you so hard for asking you’d never dare again.

So this brings me to the stuff I’ve been asking myself, where the fuck do these girls come from? I mean where have they been hiding all my life? And no it’s not a village thing or something like that some of these girls live in the capital and other major cities and have gone to some of the better schools in our country. So really why would these girls do all this for relationships that probably won’t last?

I asked around and it’s not just on this campus, apparently elsewhere they cook and wash dishes. And I actually have a friend who expects everything to be split half half. If she cooks, you’re cutting the tomatoes and onions. Uh and you’ll probably wash that plate you ate on. The main question here is, what makes these girls so different? And is all the equality and independent, strong willed women thing a load of crap blown way out of proportion? Let me know in the comments and on twitter because for real, I’m confused. Peace!!!

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