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Guest post: Sunset

This is a short story written by one of my best friends. It’s my very first guest post so I look at it as part of the growth of my blog. You know showing that other people don’t mind their work appearing here and actually might appreciate it being put up. Look out for another guest post soon!! 

Sunsets always brought out the beauty I wanted to see. Every day, the sunset looked different to me. That day, I had been looking at the sunset for a really long time. As the sun continued to set, I saw everything in a new light. It was the most beautiful blend of colors ranging from orange to pink and just the lightest touch of purple. It reminded me of him and what he meant to my life.

I looked into his eyes and all I could see was my life. And in a few moments that is all that I would have. His grip on my hand was tighter than anything I had ever felt before. My heart felt much tighter but the pressure on my hand came as a welcome distraction. Here, before my eyes, was our life flashing past, clip after clip after endless clip. It was over. There was nothing I could do to change it.

The doctor walked into the room, with his stethoscope hanging across his neck. My husband’s chart was in his hands. I feared raising my eyes to meet his. It seemed like my fate was sealed. If I had enough courage to look at him, I could have seen the small furrows on his forehead as he looked at the chart. I tried to ignore him but there was this elephant in the room that neither of us was talking about.

My husband held my hand tighter. I look down at him. A thin film of perspiration had formed on his skin. His eyes were shouting for attention. I brushed away his hair from his forehead and planted a light kiss on it. My arms wanted to go around him. I wanted to feel that sure embrace. I wanted the assurance that he was still strong enough to make love to me. I wanted this to be over.

The doctor called for my attention. He asked me to meet him in the hallway. I stepped out of the room into the well lit bright hallway. The doctor turned to me. We had made a promise that he would tell me the truth from the get go.

He laid the cards on the table. The heart was slowly giving way. The next few hours were all I had left. All we had left.

My eyes rose to me face as the tears rolled down in two steady streams. My shoulders shook from the sob that raked my body from the tips of my toes to the ends of my hair. I felt my knees give way. I was lying on the floor. My mouth moved and out came words that even I could not understand. The only thought that went through my brain is this could not be happening. It could not be over. Not like that. Not that simply. No. It couldn’t be.

I had to get myself together. His last moments had to be memorable. His last breath had to be peaceful. He could not see me like this. I felt the last tears as they drained out of my eyes. I felt the doctor’s strong arm help me up. He handed me his handkerchief. I passed the white square piece of cloth across my eyes. I blew my nose so hard, it didn’t feel like mine anymore. One last breath for composure found me opening the door to the room.

This room had been my home for one week but I felt like I had been here for eternity. The tubes running all over the floor, the machines beeping, the windows constantly shut and the smell of clean. My husband held out his hand as he saw me enter. I clasped his hand in mine and raised our hands to my lips. The love I felt for him was growing deeper and deeper. We weren’t done yet.

All our life had been spent moving from one thing to another. Before the wedding was our careers, after the wedding was the children. After the children were the weddings. After the weddings were grand children. Now, here we were, chasing time we had spent. We had spent our lives but at this moment in time, I was looking back. I wish we had spent more time smelling the roses along the path.

He took my face in his hands and looked deep into my eyes. His mouth started moving. He told me of his deep love and how he knew I was his from the first moment we met. He told me that he was honored to have brought life into this world with me, that he had been honored to stand by my side through the mountains and the valleys. He did not have to tell me he loved me. I could feel it from every moment we spent together.

My tears started to roll down my cheeks. I told him that I loved him more than life itself. Though I had felt unworthy of his love when we had begun, he had showered me with it day after day. I told him that the sun rose and set on him. He was my violin, my rose, my better half. All of him was more than enough for all of me. I held his hand and bent down to place that last kiss on his lips. I felt him use the last of his strength to kiss me back. I had to savor this moment.

The machines came alive. There was beeping left and right. The nurse stormed into the room and gave me the look that said “move away”. She went straight to the machine and tried to make sense out of it. She then ran out to call the doctor. The doctor came in and placed his fingers at my husband’s throat. He looked at his watch and declared the time of death.

I knew I wanted to cry. He was gone. Then it dawned on me. Life was better because he had been at my side. All the memories of the years gone by were enough to sustain me in the days I had left to lead. It was better to have loved and lost than to have never loved at all. It was in that moment that I knew that I was at the right place. This was where I was meant to be.

The End

I hope you liked it! If you did, or didn’t, let me know in the comments. I, and I’m sure my friend, would love to know your thoughts. Peace!!

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  1. OOhh!!

    This is sooo sooo lovely! I was in it completely.. every step of the way.. every moment… tastefully described in simple english…. inside the room… felt her emotions…. i was in

    Cant wait for part two 😉

  2. the guest writer will be eternally grateful for the gift of amazing friends who allow me the courage to share. ya'll rock!! 🙂

  3. the guest writer will be eternally grateful for the gift of amazing friends who allow me the courage to share. ya'll rock!! 🙂

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