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The first campus post!:)

Okay ladies and gentlemen! This is the very first post coming direct from my campus!! The first campus-post! Yeah I joined campus, finally, in Maseno! It’s written in two parts, the first were the thing’s written on the first day I arrived in the morning and mostly on the registration line. Everything else was after! This is not conclusive, I’m still organising my thoughts, but it’ll have to do until I can give you something more solid. Hopefully this means a return to more regular blogging for me!*Fingers crossed*

The next 4 years of my life began with a bodaboda ride into the Siriba compus. Only to join the reegistration line. Note that it’s about 7.30, I can’t believe the line is this long! Crap!

Still on the line, I’ve noticed the line for the girls is far shorter than that of the boys at least for the faculty of science.

Standing here in the line, still, I’m noticing that the sun is about to rise above the trees that are protecting us for it and looking at the speed at which the line is moving I’m going to be cooked, well-done, scratch that I’m going to be burnt, before I register.:(

Another thing to be noticed from here is the girls in the faculty of Arts look so so much hotter than those in Science.

Shock! There a girl here report who’s already preggas! The hell!?? I always thought that people’d wait for the last year of school. But I guess a head start isn’t bad
So I’ve now spent almost 2 weeks on campus and what do I have to report?

Not much really, life really just goes on I guess. I can tell you though school can be rather boring if you have nothing to do or something to entertain you. Infact the first week has been like that boring because the continuing students hadn’t reported yet.

My random acts of kindness count has enjoyed a dramatic climb! So many continuing students have been crashing in my room(my room mate was late) or leaving their bags with me for safe keeping and shit.

Also they told me stories of how continuing students scramble for the fresha girls(What me and my cuzo call Fresha Pap!!*snap fingers*) and the tactics they use. Apparently game has very little to do with anything. What matters is the music system in your room, laptops and other physical posessions. I personally wouldn’t like to be with a girl just coz she likes what I have (bought with daddy’s money), would you?

Still on that I meet this girl here, but just before we reported so atleast I had a slight head start against the rest of my year. She’s not really my type, she seems the type to be papped!*snapping fingers* But she’s an in to one of the girls hostels and through her I’ve met several, far more interesting, chics. Yes I’m selfish like that.

While on the topic of chics I’m on a no ulterior motives vybe, been on it for several months. I no longer vybe chics with the goal of being more than friends with them. I find it makes for much less stress.

The first years have some in all types of dressing styles but I’m more interested in the people who dress in some seriously shady styles. There’s this one girl in my class who wore a skirt(length: past the kness), sports shoes and socks written USA! I swear I almost colapsed! Who does that? I’m sure if @nanciellah saw her she’d have died! But I’ll keep an eye on her to see how school might influence her clothing choices in the future.

Well all in all I can say that school looks like it’ll be one of my more interesting experiences! Stay tuned for more campus tales and others, soon! Peace!

Ng’arisha maisha na fresha
90 freshas in 90 days
Jikonect na fresha

Feel free to add anything else you’ve heard, peace!!

  1. If you think you are stuck there for only 4 years, well you better think again.
    Strikes will push your stay to 6 years and by that time you will be old and bitter.
    Harsh but true…

  2. Cool…
    surprised?? This is my newest thing and you are the inspiration.
    (Has nothing to do with your blog, but just thought I'd let you know)

  3. Oooooh, i'm nostalgic at the moment, I remember my first day at Maseno back in 02' like it was Yesterday. Enjoy those coming years!

  4. @Joliea thanks!!:)
    @Anon1 I'd like to have a positively outlook on things after all, it's never that serious!!:)
    @zigizy Yes definately shocked! But also very very jazzed:)
    @Anon2 I'ma try do my best to make the most of these years:-D
    Thanks for commenting y'all!:)

  5. Oooooh, i'm nostalgic at the moment, I remember my first day at Maseno back in 02' like it was Yesterday. Enjoy those coming years!

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