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I’m quitting blogging (&Why I blog)

Yesterday I had a security breach on the laptop I use to write the posts I put up for you. No, my posts for you aren’t so important that someone would spend their time trying to hack my laptop trying to steal them as creative secrets(Though to me they are) and anyway the laptop is never connected to any network.


Yeah, a friend of mine found one of the posts I had written for posting some day. The way she found it was kinda suspicious. She asked if she come to my room and use my laptop for 5 minutes. I, at the time clueless, just thought she wanted to use it for programming or something. You see, not many of my classmates have laptops yet despite being computer science students but I suspect next semester most will.

When she got to my room she sat at the table, laptop turned away from me. Then I noticed that she wasn’t really typing anything but rather seemed to be looking for something. Three minutes later she was done and she didn’t look too amused, she looked sad and rather angry (I can read faces really well…I think) She left my room without saying much.

I had suspected she knew that the post was there and a little checking I confirmed that she did (She tried to hide the evidence but I found a relatively simple way to see what she was looking at) She doesn’t know it’s a post or that it was going on the web. What I didn’t, and still don’t, know is how she knew it was there. I’m not in the habit of lending out the laptop, though I have, and I thought my roomie wouldn’t allow just anyone to do what ever on it. Obviously someone had access to my stuff.

Thing that bugs me is that I don’t know who told her. Yeah, its probably my fault for being so lax with security of my documents but still WTF??!!!! Who goes around reading randomly lettered documents? It had a name like lkjh. I only have this laptop on loan from my cuzo so I can’t just install whatever on it. So in that light I’m quitting blogging.

Yeah, that right! I quit blogging!

So that this isn’t a doom and gloom type post I’m adding a post I should have done a long time ago: Why I started blogging and why I do it

I started blogging first of all to prove that I could. A friend of mine started a blog and flossed about it to me, how he was “ahead” in these things. I told him starting a blog ain’t really a big deal and immediately went out to prove it. My first blog was on Opera (No you can’t read it and I ported all the posts here anyway. The first post is here). I’m rather proud to note that my friend doesn’t blog anymore while I still do.

I started blogging because I wanted to be in the paper. You know for the celebrity. The first blog I saw, or rather noticed, was @savvykenya’s Dairy of a Kenyan Campus Girl. I saw her blog featured in the only of our Friday magazines and thought”I wanna be here too” While my work has been featured in the paper(the same one) my blog hasn’t yet.

I blog because I have something to say. I write about anything and everything I feel about. I use this blog as part diary, part soap box, part venting spot and part noise making joint. I write about the stuff I hear and see, that I feel and experience. Some things maybe stupid, nonsensical or just plain boring but I always feel that you need, or may want, to know about it.

I blog to entertain. I don’t know if I’m a writer, I don’t think I am. Calling myself that feels like being a pretender to the throne or something. You know like a wannabe. While I may not be a writer I always try my best to write stuff in a way that makes it worth your while reading, in a way that entertains, keeps you at the edge of your seat and all that. I do think that I’m getting better with each post. I read on writing skills and stuff when ever I can. I also read other people’s blogs to get a better feel for writing.

I blog because it’s fun. I like writing. I never thought that I could write stuff, didn’t like composition much in high school, but here I am one like my 50th post or something. I like that you read what I write. Every time I go check stats on my posts I see digits, not high ones but digits non the less, and that gives me massive high, a thrill that you care enough to check out what ever I decide to write for you( Btw since I started this blog, about 10 months, I’ve had over 5000 hits and about 1000 visitors, yay me!!)

I blog because you care. Really there’s once I asked if you really gave a damn about what I said(among other stuff) and the resounding answer was yes. You comment on my posts. Because you care and I don’t want to disappoint you I blog.

I blog to learn. Really I’ve learnt so much from here it’s staggering. Just read this and you’ll know what I’m talking about.

I blog to meet new people. While this may be more because of twitter than this blog I doubt that I’d know half the people I do know there if it wasn’t for this blog. I’ve made several new friends because of it.

I blog because it enables me to do awesome stuff. I can’t really explain this one but I’ve done some things I wouldn’t have been able to with out this blog. Really.

There several other reasons I can’t really think of now but are still there. There was time a while back that if someone asked my profession I’d probably think, not say never say, blogger because of all the time I spent thinking about it and writing.

So, my friends this is the last post you’ll be seeing from me. At least for a very long time (I love blogging too much to go for my own good) until I get my own laptop I can do whatever with and never have to worry if it’ll be here next week. A laptop I can be selfish with. One that I can blog from in peace. One which I don’t have to sit with posts forever because I can’t add them to the drafts. So can’t even tell you when I’ll be back because I don’t know when I get a laptop but when I do you’ll know there’ll be posts galore, because while I’m stopping posting, I won’t stop writing(I’ll be more cautious). I still be around, I may drop a post here, there and elsewhere and I can always be found on twitter(@cdohnio). But for now, peace!!!

  1. You should probably be password protecting you documents that is if you use Microsoft Word, that is what I do with some of my delicate documents on the computer, you can never be too sure. Or if you are as paranoid as I sometimes are you can put it in a folder that no one will ever think of stumbling to and hide the folder, but that is just for those who are paranoid like me 🙂

  2. @deadly_halo I'm officially as paranoid as you! When I finally get my own laptop I'll not be so casual with it as I've been before.

  3. don't stop. if anything, get a flash-disk, save ur posts there (word or sth) and post them. i usually delete anything i've written to post on my comp. they're online anyway!

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