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Questioning Week

I’d been reading a blog(Rainbow Amoeba’s Petri Dish) that had something she called Questioning Week. She had just moved her blog to a new site and was also celebrating the 4th Anniversary since the evening in her own words
during which I realized I needed to reconsider my assumed and never questioned heterosexuality, I thought I might as well tell the story of what exactly happened then.

I encourage you all to go read the 7 posts she did because in my opinion they’re great pieces that I might even one day feature here.(If she allows that is)

So what am I saying with all this? Well I was inspired to question several things that confuse me and see if I could get honest answers about what I think and feel about various things that I’ve always taken for granted. This whole week starting today, until when I run out of things to question, hopefully 7 days from now, I’ll be questioning something different each day. I’ll try to be as honest as possible. I don’t want to say what they all are now because I want you to check in tomorrow and the day after but I will say that the first will be love. See you tomorrow for what I think will be a rather interesting post(If i may say so myself:)). Peace!