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The sides of my Ego

I feel like writing and all I can seem to think about right now is my ego…more on why in a bit. So I’ll talk about the sides of my ego.

I don’t know about y’all but I don’t have an ego, I have about 3. Yeah, 3. While all separate entities, each with their own pulse and reason for being, they’re interconnected. So what egos are these?

Well the first, and most prominent of them all, the one you’ll probably notice first if you hang around me or my blog is the one that I’m going to call Game. Game is the one that fills me with the belief that I have the skill to talk anyone…and have them charmed, liking me or very impressed with me. Oh, and believe I can do it better than anyone, anywhere. 
I really can’t tell you where this one came from, I just know it’s been there for a long time, though not for ever. Maybe it comes from the fact I’ve always had the ability to make friends easily. I don’t know. But I do know what contributed it. The schools I’ve attended, my friends, my mum, and lesser extent dad, and obviously me.
Lets analyze that. I sliced people in school and I was never sliced in school, no matter who tried. My friends are generally ego boosting people otherwise they’d be very poor friends, right? My mum always tells me how handsome I am and what a charmer I am. My dad, well, he has game, I’ve seen it in action so it always amazes me how he ended up picking my step-mum, anyway by virtue of being his son I inherited some of the skill through genes. And me should be self explanatory.
The second one and the third are more related to each other, I’ll call them Genius and Ability. Genius is the one that makes me feel that if I apply myself to any field of knowledge in the world I can do it rather well, better than most. Meaning that I can learn anything I want and be good at it. Nothing is hard. Ability well I believe I can do anything. Really anything as long as I believe in it. Climb Mt.Everest? Sure why not? Fly a helicoptor? I’ll be buying one in future. Juggling? Okay not this one. I’m one person who really hates being told I can’t do that, because I believe I can do anything.
So why am I telling you all this? Well one of my ego’s right know is feeling rather deflated and I need to get it back to it usual, exorbidant, levels. Actually it’s more of waiting because it will get back to “normal” levels. Some chic is toying with my emotions and I don’t like it. It’s making me doubt myself a bit and question the level of my game. But never fear, I usually bounce back better than before. After all I have a near infallible belief in myself. Anyway peace!!!
  1. being fucked up when young must have led to the phenomena you refer to as having 3 egos. Kinda looks like you wanna be all of them at once.
    Consolidate them to one, because a compartmentalized mind is the best specimen for mind control if you know what i know

  2. @hamob I'm not fucked up. That would be saying that my parents failed and that wouldn't be completely true would it? But do tell me whi'd want to control my mind? To what end?

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