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Campus drama: Part1

I don’t really know how to start this. I’m scared. A girl I was intimate with is pregnant. Yes pregnant and I’m freaking out for her. Yes my only concern is her. I’m really worried how this will affect her mentally and psychologically. It’s just the first month of year one and already I’m in such a difficult situation. I’ll start at the beginning.

So I have this friend lets call her, Q, we had sex… She was the first on campus. The next week she tells me and some of our friends (we’re kind of a group, small) that she thinks she’s missed her ps. One of us, we’ll call him, W, asked how long it had been and she says 2 weeks. She then goes on to say that she wants us to take her to the clinic so she can get a pregnancy test.

Of course being the gentlemen we are, we said yes and a date was set for the next week. On the appointed date she got cold feet and cancelled. The next day, however, thanks to my skilful coaxing we went to the government clinic that is near our school. When we got there I took the lead, at the request of Q and asked whether they did pregnancy tests. The clinic, which was basically two small rooms, cubes really, seemed to be staffed with only elderly ladies. You know the mothering type that look at young people with judging eyes? The type you can be sure if they knew your mother she’d know 5 sec after you left that you were looking for a pregnancy test? Yes that type.

The lady then goes on to ask us why we don’t go to the school hospital, she could tell we were students and it was free treatment there. Obviously, I want to tell her that we really don’t want the school to have the records of this test, whether it was negative or positive. Wait I did tell her that. Only then did she tell us that them didn’t have a lab so they didn’t do those tests. Nkt!! But she did guide us to the private hospital jus outside one of the school gates.

We walked there, and paid for the pregnancy test, using a fake name, she was told to go pee in a cup and give it to the lab for the test. We had to wait for 10mins for the results.

While we waited, W tried, and failed, to comfort saying that she had options. I kept translating to her what he meant is that we’ll figure out things together. She appreciated both our efforts. I was holding her hands. At some point we tried to talk about anything else other than what if but somehow we kept drifting back to the test.

The doctor/lab technician came out with the results and, callously, holds out the results to our group and I took them. He had put them hidden under the receipt. I slide  it to the side and looked at the result.

Shit, it was positive.

Part 2 tomorrow. Peace!!!
Part 3

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