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Hey! I’m back!!!

Hey guys! Did you miss me? I missed you. Really I have. This should technically be a new years message but it’s already so late in the month there’s barely any point of talking about it except perhaps to say” I hope you new year has gone well so far. How are the resolutions coming along long? I mean are you still sticking to them?”
I personally don’t do new year resolutions. I think it’s because I’ve usually have made my long term decisions long before the new year checks in. And also because I’m awesome. I mean why wait for new years to take a look at your life and make decisions about it? Anyway before I go rambling on for too long without saying much of value. I just wanted to do this post to let yáll know that I should be posting more regularly now.

Why? Well…after you guys ignored my passionate plea to donate a laptop so I could keep blogging I went home and begged my dad to get me one. He refused. Fortunately for me(and you) my room-mate recently(a couple of days ago) got one of his own. I should be jealous but I’m not. This means I can post stuff almost as soon as it comes to me. YAY! It’s awesome, I know! Anyway thanks for reading:) Peace!!!
*By the way if you’re wondering about how frequently I plan to post, I’m hoping for at least one a week more when I’m feeling particularly inspired or when I break down a really long post. Peace! Again!!*

  1. I totally agree about New Year resolutions. I don't do those either. I just write down my long-term goals in my journal so I can keep track of what was important to me at the start of each year, and write about what important things happened during the past year.

    Anyway, welcome back! I did miss you here 🙂

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