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I wish I was asexual

And aromantic too! I really do! Life would be so so much simpler like that, atleast for me! I could be friends with anyone without becoming confused with destructive feelings and my pride bruised. If you don’t know much about asexuality you might wanna read this post here or google it. (I’d prefer you read it here thoughJ). Now let me go on.
I’m great with people and make friends easily. Most of these are of the female variety and I don’t mind that one bit. I’m friendly, charismatic and charming. And I believe I’m quite handsome (my mum tells me this too and she never lies). I have the gift to draw people to me. I like being the center of attention.
So I guess you’re wondering why, with all that, I would want to be asexual. As you should have read by now asexy people don’t feel any sexually attraction. I can just imagine it; I could look at any girl and not feel any sexual attraction to her! And if I was aromantic won’t I have any romantic feelings. Trust me when you have as many girl friends as I do you’re bound to get confused. Being asexy and aromantic would mean I wouldn’t have to think my sexual and romantic feelings when I become friends with a girl!
Yeah I know what you’re thinking but right now I’d really sacrifice all the “pleasure” gotten from romantic and sexual relationships for the peace of mind that must come from not being able to confuse how you feel about someone! Shifting through those emotions is stress and you might make the wrong decision anyway. Friends are for life girlfriends for but a time. Before I sign off any one else thinks the word asexy rolls off the tongue nicely? Say it with me “Asexy!!!” JPeace!