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Campus Drama: My thoughts

So while I was narrating this story( Catch part one here) to you guys-and girls- I’ve tried to as objective as possible and tell the story as I saw it then, through my eyes, without giving you too much of what I thought of the situation after really thinking about it. So that’s what this post is about.

I don’t know about you but I’ve always been of the opinion that get pregnant at my age-which is rather young, think kid, baby-is stupid. Yes, I’m saying that Q was stupid to get pregnant. I mean think about it in this day and age you only get pregnant if you want to, what with condoms, contraceptives, e-pills and of course abstinence, it’s either that or you’re stupid. I told Q as much.

Finally, if I ever got a girl pregnant, I have two options and option 2 is only taken after 1 fails.
Option 1: I ask the girl to marry me. Really. I was just raised like that, it’s something that has been really drilled into me by my mum, also it’s something I’d want to do because I wouldn’t want any child of mine born out of wed-lock and anyway it would be against my honour not to at least try and ask. All this is rather old fashioned but that’s just me, this is a decision I made and I plan to stick to it if it ever comes to it. Anyway people can grow in love, right?
Option 2:If she doesn’t like option 1 and is not planning to keep the baby do everything on my power, limited right now though they are, to give her all the support I can, financial and emotional. Be there for her as much as can. You can chalk this one up to my honour too. It’d be pussy to leave her in such a state. I probably couldn’t look at myself in the mirror again!(And I like looking at myself in the mirror!!)

That’s why what E did pissed me off so much. You make a girl pregnant, you refuse to go with her to take a test and then you have the audacity to ask she goes through another test? The fuck! I mean, do you really think she wants to go through that again? Is it even fair? Then refusing to help clean up your mess, that’s just wrong! I still can’t walk past E in school without grimacing. He actually disgusts me. I hope he knows it.

Finally, I’m pro-abortion, how ever in a discussion with one of my best friends, she told me that there was no need to have aborted, that these days getting pregnant wasn’t a big deal and it wouldn’t have been as bad as Q envisioned. What do y├íll think? Let me know in the comments. Peace!!!