So while I was narrating this story( Catch part one here) to you guys-and girls- I’ve tried to as objective as possible and tell the story as I saw it then, through my eyes, without giving you too much of what I thought of the situation after really thinking about it. So that’s what this post is about.

I don’t know about you but I’ve always been of the opinion that get pregnant at my age-which is rather young, think kid, baby-is stupid. Yes, I’m saying that Q was stupid to get pregnant. I mean think about it in this day and age you only get pregnant if you want to, what with condoms, contraceptives, e-pills and of course abstinence, it’s either that or you’re stupid. I told Q as much.

Finally, if I ever got a girl pregnant, I have two options and option 2 is only taken after 1 fails.
Option 1: I ask the girl to marry me. Really. I was just raised like that, it’s something that has been really drilled into me by my mum, also it’s something I’d want to do because I wouldn’t want any child of mine born out of wed-lock and anyway it would be against my honour not to at least try and ask. All this is rather old fashioned but that’s just me, this is a decision I made and I plan to stick to it if it ever comes to it. Anyway people can grow in love, right?
Option 2:If she doesn’t like option 1 and is not planning to keep the baby do everything on my power, limited right now though they are, to give her all the support I can, financial and emotional. Be there for her as much as can. You can chalk this one up to my honour too. It’d be pussy to leave her in such a state. I probably couldn’t look at myself in the mirror again!(And I like looking at myself in the mirror!!)

That’s why what E did pissed me off so much. You make a girl pregnant, you refuse to go with her to take a test and then you have the audacity to ask she goes through another test? The fuck! I mean, do you really think she wants to go through that again? Is it even fair? Then refusing to help clean up your mess, that’s just wrong! I still can’t walk past E in school without grimacing. He actually disgusts me. I hope he knows it.

Finally, I’m pro-abortion, how ever in a discussion with one of my best friends, she told me that there was no need to have aborted, that these days getting pregnant wasn’t a big deal and it wouldn’t have been as bad as Q envisioned. What do yáll think? Let me know in the comments. Peace!!!

Written by Sidney Ochieng

CTO, Intelipro. Feminist ally. Story teller. Child at heart and mind. Not so much selfish as narcissistic. Refuse to accept mediocrity.

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