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Campus drama: Part2

Continued from here

I found out later, that I actually exclaimed, ’Whoops!!’. I can’t remember that. Q then took the results out of my hand to see for her self and after W also took a look he ripped the results into pieces. Dee began cursing how she couldn’t believe it as she fought hard-I could tell-not to cry though tear still leaked from the sides. She collapsed for a few seconds into Q arms and all I could do was rub her back. I don’t think I’ve ever felt that useless, or that confused or maybe lost is word, in my young life. I mean, what could I do? Or rather I didn’t know what I could, should do.
This may be the best place to mention the baby wasn’t mine.

No it belonged to some idiot I’m going to call E. He was someone before me and her got intimate.

After she had gathered herself enough to stop crying which didn’t take very long she began hysterically laughing at how ugly a baby of E would be and how she could never have it. All W and I could do is wait for her to get over it and stare at each other. E then sprung into action making us discuss her options.

“We need to now think of what to do next. Options. First of all are you keeping the baby?”


“Good, then we have to consider where to abort it. I know Hosithis does it in town.”

“Do we know much it is?”

Me,” My cousin told me of that place I’m sure she knows of the price. I could call and ask her.”

Q,”Do you have credit now?”

Me,”No…”(Broke ass motherfuckerJ)

W,”First let’s organize stuff first we’ll do that stuff later. Okay so who do we need to call?”

Q,”E, you had better talk to me I can’t handle him right now. We’re already pissed at each other” (Unrelated with what’s going on btw, the being pissed)

W,”Cool . I’d rather do it in person though he may not take me seriously over phone”

We paused here and sat on the bench in complete silence, each to their own thoughts, though Q’s were rather obvious because of the way she kept sighing and laughing and shaking her head and other things. I was thinking that I wanted to break E for being so stupid.

At some point we decided to get back to school, where we met with some dude who couldn’t get the hint that he was welcome in our company but he insisted. He was one of those hangers-on of our group (I came and found him, though) the ones who no one really likes but can’t seem to get the hint?

We went to one of the bunches in school and sat, just me and Q.(W had gone with the hanger-on to some other dude’s(who was part of the group) room. I then explained to Q about my cousin and how she was trustworthy, knowledgeable, a doctor and best of all sure to be discreet .So when W joined us again I made the call from his phone.(Broke ass student remember?)


Continues tomorrow. Peace.