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Campus drama: Part3

Continuing from here

“Hello, R?”

“Hey, how are you?”

“Fine, it’s cdohnio”

“Ahhh, cdohnio how are you? How’s school?”

“I’m cool, school’s fine, listen I have something rather delicate to ask you”

“Ask…”in serious and curious tone.

“First of all you have to promise to keep this secret, you can’t tell anyone, not my mum, not aunty, not your bro….(add several family members here)….no one!”

“Okay, what is it?”suspicion.

“I have a friend, a girl, she gotten herself in a delicate situation and she wandering the price of something. You know Hosithis, right?”

“Yes…”slight worry.

“How much is it to get an operation there?”

“A what? Abortion…?”definite worry.

“Well, yes”

“Ummm, about 8k”


“Yeah. But we can do it for her at 4k at Hosithat. If she doesn’t mind it.”

“4, really?”

“Yes. Wait , cdohnio, she’s pregnant, right? And she has a baby? Your baby?” fear and anxiety

“No, not mine, do I look stupid? She’s just a friend I’m doing a favour for”

“ Oh, phewks, I thought…”major relief

“Nah, not me, I’m a good boy and very careful. By the way this is a really close friend of mine if anything happens to her I’ll kill you, you have to make sure she’ll be okay.”

“Don’t worry these things are done all the time”

“So how long will it take?”

“About 30mins and it’ll be done”

“Cool, I give you call when we get the cash together, cool?”

“Sure, anytime.”

“And R thanks a lot I really appreciate this, love you!!”


I asked Q if she had heard what I said, and also filled her, and W, in on the parts they may not have heard. So what was next? We decided to go to see someone who, should have been prominently featured but so far, nil. After Q called E, we head to his room.

Concludes tomorrow.