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Campus drama: the last part

Continuing from here

I don’t like this dude, E. He looks shifty, dodgy. But then again that might have something to do with him knocking up my friend but not so much, I remember I met him when I went Greenpark (local around school), he didn’t seem to like me cutting in the way I did.

He seemed to look rather scared when Q asked that he clears the room of everyone, except me and W. Then she began to talk to E. She told him that she had gone to hospital to get tested, that the results were positive, she was pregnant. And guess what he asked?

He asked why she hadn’t called him when she was going for the test. She told him that she had tried to call him earlier, after she first informed him of her suspicions but his phone was very off so she couldn’t reach him. Then he asked why we-me and W-were there, why we took her to hospital. I was like WTF??? Is the nigga daft??? Ati why us and not him, nktesticles!!! She told him there was no way she was going to face this alone, so she need her friends, best ones in school around her.

Around this point, W, suggested that we leave to give them some privacy which was probably a superb idea because I was so very tempted to begin making snide comments. Outside, W who seemed to know these things really well, told me that he didn’t think that things were going to well. I don’t know what went on behind those closed doors but I know when that he didn’t take her, and by extension, our, word that she was paged and demanded another test. Only then would he help with her abortion.

So that’s it. That’s all that happened. Unaltered or censored, except of course by the quality of my memory. Though this isn’t something you forget is it? I mean it was my first experience of something like this and hopefully my last. By the way Q would’ve done the test again except that E disappeared after that and his phone either went answered or was off. There’s another post tomorrow giving you a bit of my thoughts and opinions. Peace

  1. Thanks for sharing this. I have no experience of that sort of thing either (one of my classmates once had a friend who needed to have an abortion but it wasn't someone I knew) and it was interesting to read. I hope everything turned out all right for Q. It must have been really distressing for her and she's lucky to have friends like you and W who took care of her.

  2. You're welcome. I don't know if Q realises what great friends she has but that's a story for another day. Thanks for commenting

  3. Well, tricky is the word…especially bila cash. Being a woman, I've been through this enough times (lol) me, friends, friends of friends…tell Q abortion ain't a big deal, she should take it as a huge contraception:-D

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