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Green park

Ladies and gentlemen last week on Friday, for the first time, I went to one of the locals around school for drinks with a new friend of mine, @joeemgee, at a place call Green Park. Yup, it was awesome up so I want to tell you about it.

We were supposed to meet there at 8, 8.30 but somehow I only got there at 9 and Joe around thirty minutes later. I check in and well to tell you the truth it looked better than expected. Clean and very simple. I saw one of my classmates, a girl, who seemed to be on a double date. Wait can you really have a proper date in a bar? Of course, I planted myself right there while I waited for Joe, I don’t think her date liked it.}:)

Joe checked in and I left my classmate, Joe immediately ordered our drink and we joined one of his friends at his table. Now from here I generally just kept quite and observed everything going on around me and trying to keep up with the conversation going on on my table.

So now a quick recap of the night

-There was this girl, obviously drunk, who was wearing a white dress. This dress was so short it might as well have been an oversized t-shirt. It kinda had this night dress fabric thing going on(yup, see through) and it was those flowing type, which you’d think she’d consider when she dancing but no it kept raising threatening to reveal all but somehow it didn’t. Oh and it low cut, and she had massive boobs. Oh and she was kinda beautiful. More on her later.

-We spent quite a bit of time scanning the bar commenting on the hotness of the girls there. In fact there was one particularly well blessed one, chest-wise who Joe commented “Matitty pap!!!” and when ever she came to our table he’d openly stare at her chest which I was shocked she didn’t notice. I looked too, trust you couldn’t not stare, they where that big, but I like to think I was more discrete.

-Other girls where standing at the bar seemingly doing nothing and not really drinking anything. After looking at them there for like 10 minutes I asked Joe, who was my guide to the compass bar scene, about them and why he didn’t vibe them and he told me those were to be stayed away from. Apparently they stand around waiting to get vybed then they ask for drinks, which of course if you wanna keep vybing them you have to buy:-D so generally you wait for someone else to buy the drinks then you do the slicing!:)

-But I swear I could have gone blind that night, you know the way your mum told you if you saw a grown woman naked? Well at some point the chic with the white dress came over, put her leg on the arm of the chair of one of the dudes at my table and let him finger her, right there. This was like in the very center of the room and this bar is really well light. I turned away before my mums promise(curse?) of blindness came fulfilled. NASTY!!!

-A fight almost broke out because of some idiot who didn’t know when to shut up. I mean even me, in my inebriated state, could tell that if the nigga shut up he wouldn’t be in so much shit. He got kicked out. Idiot.

-Oh and I saw a lecturer so drunk he was falling over himself. If that was one of my teachers I doubt I’d ever be able to take them seriously ever again.

Okay then enough about other what did I do and learn? I drank, obviously. What were supposed to be 2 drinks became 7. Joe and his friends are quite generous 🙂 I danced with that classmate of mine, and realised I really like dancing…with girls. I learnt that I will never be a heavy weight drinker, the guys at my table, including Joe, those are the really drinkers and finally if I fall asleep high and get woken up I’ll puke.

All in all it was a really fun night! Mad thanks to @joeemgee and his pals!! Maybe this weekend I’ll go drinking again, apparently that Friday it was rather empty. That should be fun:) Peace!!!

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