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The players wife

First, I’d like to apologise to you, my readers, for not updating this blog for so long. I don’t know why but I’ve been extremely lazy to do stuff recently. I have no syke for school or lessons. But still I promised more regular updates and I plan to keep that promise. I have a laptop after all.

Anyway away from that and on to today’s topic: The player’s wife. I have a friend; he’s the player (Kelly*). I have another friend (Dina*), she’s the wife. And why is this spectacular or note-worthy?
Kelly is the type of dude who on a typical weekend could bed 2 different girls and then not call or talk to them ever again. He’s a player and he’s not ever abashed admitting it to anyone who asks him (It’s weird that girls never think to ask questions until his already bedded them). He’s a nice guys to hang around and he’s one of my close friends here in uni.

Dina is the good girl of our class. Polite, honest and dresses conservatively. She never misses class and you can trust her to have up-to date notes in every class even the obscure ones like HIV&AIDS(which, fun-fact, I’ve only attended a single lecture of).

So how can she be his wife? Well she’s not really his wife (girlfriend) but she is the most consistent girl in his life. She’s the only one he calls on a daily basis and he almost always knows exactly where she is at anytime of the day. She’s the one girl whose calls he always picks, and he sees her everyday. All this is because she’s the one who gives him notes and keeps him up-to date with what’s happening in class. She’s the reason he’s able to pass any classes (he misses most). His life would fall apart without her

It’s only this week I began to call her his wife. She’s like that girl in the movies; she’s the assistant or friend of the dude who’s a player and she’s the only reason or thing in he’s life that keeps him stable. Of course in the movies the dude usually falls for the dude or vice versa. That parts bullshit but the rest is pretty sound reason, I’ve seen it with my own eyes. So have you guys notice this too with your friends who are players? Or are you a player with a similar experience? Let me know what you’re thinking in the comments. Peace!!!

*Not their real names