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Tobiko’s dilemma

So I was just watching news at 9 on NTV, first time in maybe in 2 months or so. I feel that watching it is pointless as most of it is political bullshit and the rest depressing. But today two things caught me First the murder of post graduate student, Mercy Keino, who died in rather mysterious circumstances over the weekend. Was actually going to do a post on it until a second story came along.

Keriako Tobiko

Our newly appointed Director of Public Prosecution, Keriako Tobiko, was saying how he needs more money to hire more lawyers to help reduce the backlog of cases that he’s newly created office has to deal with. First of let me state that I don’t trust him, all those accusations made when he was first nominated, he looks shifty and that accent!! Eww!!

Anyway I was wondering why he couldn’t just turn to the the private lawyers in this country to do some of the work pro-bono at least until the case load gets under control. I mean anything to get the case load under control right. . I don’t know if the law allows it though but it seems to me a great idea. What do y’all think? Let me know in the comments. Peace.