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My blog was nominated for…

…the Storymoja Monthly Blog Posts Expo. Yeah I was nominated along with a host of other more talented writers such as Savvy Kenya. Yeah someone considered my writing to be at the same level of Savvy!! Yeah I’m feeling rather good about myself right now. You can read about the nomination here, doesn’t seem like there’s any prize to be won though.

Here’s what was said about the nominees

…today, all I wish to celebrate like we have every month on the Storymoja Writers’ Community, is the diversity of writing and the creativity of forming that can be found on the Kenyan blogosphere.

Now some of the blog posts I found are fiction, some are opinion editorial, some are more personal writing. Some of the posts were nominated by readers, others I just stumbled upon and loved.

Yeah I’m creative or at least that’s what this nomination means for me. I’m jazzed!! If you’re the one who nominated me thanks!!! Peace!!

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