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Sgyreju’s Questioning Week

I’ve been wanting to do this for a long time. For the next week,every day, starting tomorrow, I’ll be featuring a number of posts that I read a long time ago from Rainbow Amoeba’s Petri Dish . She called it Questioning Week.  They really inspired me, so much so that I started my very own Questioning Week inspired by the series of post I’m going to share with you during the coming week

So a little history; Sgyreju had just moved her blog to a new site and was also celebrating the 4th Anniversary since the evening in her own words
during which I realized I needed to reconsider my assumed and never questioned heterosexuality, I thought I might as well tell the story of what exactly happened then.
At the time she identified as asexual. But after questioning herself a little more she dropped the asexy tag and refuses to identify with any groupas she feels it limits here. I trust all of you will enjoy her work, she’s a really talented writer and one of my favourite bloggers. Check her out starting tomorrow! Peace!!