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Weird keywords that lead poeple to my blog

So I was randomly checking out my analytics-something I do to make sure at least one person has checked what I’ve written- and noticed among the reports the search engine Keyword traffic the most hilarious thing. Some one googled “I’m in Kenya, I want a girlfriend” and landed on my blog.

This got my thinking about what this person was thinking when googling this and the post he may have landed at. I decided to do a whole post on the Keywords that had landed people on my blog.

A girl asked me to come to her room at night – I really can’t imagine how exactly this lead to my blog, I mean sure I’ve spent my share time in girls rooms at night but I’ve never done any posts on it…yet. -This one was obviously looking for porn of some sort. I’m guessing, by the way the link looks, he/she was trying to get on one of those webcam site. Don’t ask me how I know, it’s an educated guess.

guava kisumu – Uhmmm, what? Really? Weirdly this query also had one of the highest times spent on the site. I love guavas by the way, reminds me my childhood stealing fruits from the nun seminary next to our hood. They had a rather vicious dog. Funny times!!

i’ve been papped – I know exactly where this one landed, here. I don’t even wanna think of the context of this search. Had she(I’m relatively sure it’s a she) just had a romp and thought to search for similar stories? I’m not sure but it’s a lot of fun to imagine.

kenyan women who want call boys – Self-explanatory search term, Dear googler, if you come back may I suggest Adult Friend Finder.

puting susu angelina joulie – This is NASTY!!!! if it’s what I think it is.

‘what are kenyan women like’ – This searcher must have landed on this post.I get a lot of heat for that post. I still stick to my hypothesis though because it works…well. I think if the person who did this search took my advice I think he was well served.

So those are the more interesting searches that landed on my blog. Something else that shocks me in my analytics is where the traffic to my site is coming from; while Kenya is still obviously my number one traffic source number 2 is USA and number three….France!!!! Yeah!!! We’re on every continent!! See the map below for overall traffic to my blog for the last year:

The greener parts have heavier traffic. Also in the last week Ukraine has brought in the 3 most traffic! Hallo Ukraine!!**WAVES** I love you! #Nohomo. Peace!!!!

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