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Living in your imagination

I didn't put up a post yesterday, and I apologise for that, I'll try put up two posts today to make up for it, but no promises. So yesterday I was watching Penguins of Madagascar with my baby sis, an excellent animation for all ages, and when I left her there then went to take a shower I suddenly recalled an episode about a wishing well that would grant anyone who threw in a coin a wish. I thought to myself how come that such things never go the way the penguins want? In this particular episode the whole zoo discovered about the wishing well and then things just went wrong from there. Of course in the end things got back to normal at the end of the episode. I then reminded myself that it was just a cartoon and wasn't really but in that moment I felt what I was thinking was real.

After that I began to think of all the times my imagination went off in its own in such a manner. What I mean here is flights of fancy and not delusion. Delusion is dangerous, fancy is more fun. So here we go

I remember once my best pal (not to be confused with best friend) at the time and I had got it into our mind that under a certain concert slab in our neighbourhood was a secret lab akin to Dexter's in the cartoon Dexter's Lab. We thought we'd find chemicals that would give us super powers. We spent hours discussing what we'd invent when we finally got into the lab. We dug round the slab for days. And when we finally got underneath the slab just what we found? A water pump. Funny thing is we weren't disappointed, well not too much anyway.

Another time there before we knew how exactly the currency markets work we thought the world of the British pound. We had heard it was the most valuable currency in the world but the person who mentioned it failed to let us know just how valuable so we thought with a single pound you could buy anything you could desire. We spent a good amount of time thinking of all the things we'd buy if we had just one pound.

I have several more memories of flights of fancy I've heard. A place we called the bush that we thought had wild animals and was dangerous to go into alone that was really just an undeveloped part of our hood. Recreating one of raps biggest beefs, Eastside and Westside, I was from the Westside and we had several wars between the sides.

Curiously the fancies that came to me when I thought about it were all from my early childhood. It's like when you grow older you become less imaginative and boring. You say to yourself that what you're imagining could never be. Or that it's stupid. But when you really think about it such flight of fancy bring so much happiness to life, I know they did for me anyway. I mean it never really disappointed us too much when our fancy were proven wrong, we took it in stride. I guess that's what adult fear most when they begin to imagine something, that they won't be able to take the disappointment when the fancy proves impossible. I know I've been guilt of this fear but I say to you how will you ever know your limits if you don't dream beyond them? Peace!!