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Random Sunday Post

I didn't put up a post yesterday, I was lazy and it was Sabbath, so I guess I can say it was a resting day but I'm back today. I don't know what I'm going to write about because I'm totally blank. Today we were travelling from our country house (shags) and back to the city house for a few days. I, however, will be staying on to spend some time with my mum and my friends.

I'll glad to be back in the city because it's been over 5 months since I was last here and I've missed all my friends, my sisters and most of all my mother. It is been way too long. Having to go to school so far can be a major disadvantage because you're so far from the people you're so used to having near.

In other news, I had the most awesome dream in the morning today. It involved a white redhead model selling airtime, me, her hands and our lips. Of course mere words can't describe the epicness of this dream or how this girl inflamed my passion. So I won't even try. But I will say this I didn't finish the dream because I was dozing in the sitting room and couldn't have stuff "coming up", could I?:-D Peace!!!

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