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What I learnt at a funeral

Again I skipped a day. Not good. I'm actually forcing myself to sit down and write something before another day gets away from me. The excuse this time is that I got home really late yesterday and was exhausted!! I spent the whole day with my mum at a funeral service. I didn't know the guy who was being buried personally but I had meet him before. He died in a car crash.

The guy was really young to be leaving the earth already, he was just 40. He left behind a wife and 3 kids aged 13, 10 and 7 I think. The turnout for his funeral was impressive he's family, friends and colleagues. He was general manager of distribution of his company and the board of directors were there and the CEO who flew in from UK. He had worked for one company all his working life, 16 years. He will be sorely missed by many.

What really hit me first was how young he was. Second was that he had lived his life to the fullest; he made time for his family, extended included, friends and work. He was even patron of a hockey team. He did all this and more and managed to touch the lives of everyone around me. As he was described he sounded like the type of man I'd want to be in future, someone to emulate, a rolemodel.

I don't know but he's death was like a wakeup call for me. Life's too short not to try doing your very best at it. To exist in this world for a short sliver of time is all we really have therefore we must do our very best to touch as many souls as possible while we here and only through that might our influence live on. Peace.

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