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Best Way To Mow Your Lawn

I’m sure there are some of you who are wondering, “Really is he going to write about the best way to mow a lawn?!!” Well yes!! Since I closed school about 3 weeks ago, my dad has been holding me ‘hostage’ at our country home where I’ve had to do chores. Now I don’t mind work, it’s just that this work was mind numbing, and my earphones were short!! So in revenge I’ll be inflicting this post on you guys.*insert evil cackle*
Now there are several ways to mow a lawn, but the one I’m going to describe below is the best I’ve found to be used with our lawn mower.

My Lawnmower
First pick a roughly square piece that you want to be mow. This makes you work easier later. Start on the outer edges of the square you’ve chosen and mow going round in a counter clockwise direction. This ensures that the cut grass always exits on the outer side of the circle. Repeat until all the grass is cut.

Best Way to Cut the Lawn Diagram. Yes I Drew it on My Tablet PC 
Now since you’ve been cutting in a way that was sending the grass to  the outside of the square the raking should be easy because of the clearly left behind lines. Rake into a single line then into one pile.
Some of the grass I had cut; yes, it was very long
The end! Peace!!

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