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Watch Out for the Boys Little Sister.

The other day I was walking with my pals across campus and for some reason my sister came up in the conversation; one of my pals then asked for her number. Of course I told him NO. I know this guy, I know his character and I know how he treats girls. No way would I want my sis around someone like that. This, however, got me thinking: my sis just joined campus, I should really write her a note about the dudes not to date in campus. So in that respect, this is it:

My dearest kid sis,
You’ve just joined campus and I’m sure you’re enjoying yourself as much as you can. I know for a fact that you can take care of yourself without my help, but I’ve been in campus for a little longer than you and I’ve been thinking of all the dudes you should avoid or at least not date.

First, avoid any dude who’s a player or even has a reputation of being one. These are dudes like mewithout the conscience. Smooth talkers all. Truth doesn’t wear a smooth tongue, lies do.Yes, it’s wrong to judge people based on reputation, but campuses are small; whether there are 8 thousand students like on mine or 20 thousand like yours there’s always something you’ll hear about the boys you hang out with and they’re probably based on truth. Every girl thinks she’ll be the one to change the playing dude, fix him; don’t be one of those fools. This is something he has to fix on his own. Stay away.

Second, avoid scruffy looking niggas. This one is simple, if he doesn’t have the decency to take care of himself how do you expect him to take care of you? This here includes anyone whose clothes are always dirty or unironed, whose nails aren’t clipped(especially those who keep their little finger nails long. Why do that? Picking the dirt out their ears?) and unkempt hair. Pay attention to the shoes, their state says volumes of a man.

Next, any dude who makes sexual innuendos at every opportunity. This is the type of dude who just wants to shag you. All he thinks about is sex. You don’t want that.

Performers. Smooth motherfuckers these ones. Confident and charming. Unfortunately you’re probably not the only one enamored by their work and they may take advantage of that fact. I espeacially don’t trust guitar players: strumming and serenading bastards. I don’t trust you’ll be the only one he’ll be giving private performances to.

Villagers. University attracts all kinds, including people who don’t know how to handle forks and spoons or know what a urinal is. Avoid these. It’s just embarrassing and you know that I’ll diss you heavily for it.

Any dudes who thinks your place is to cook, clean and wash. You know you were raised in a home where none of that was ever just your job. I don’t think you’d be happy with such a guy. He probably won’t show you his true colours immediately, but there’ll be hints. Watch for them and run for the hills when you spot them. It pains me to see girls on campus who allow their boyfriends to treat them like that. You’re both students, you both have shit to do.

Any dude with a baby mama. First, it shows that he didn’t care enough to protect himself and his partner or worse he lets passion rule him. Second, you know from personal experience the stress baby mamas can bring on a relationship. Run, run away.

Finally, sugar daddies. Sure it’s cool that he has the money to throw at you, it makes you feel special and you are comfortable while in school. But most of these have families they go to each night. They also probably have other girls besides you. That means a very high possibility of disease. Stay away from them!!! But this is one category I’ll remind you of something mother always tells us, “If you’re going to having a sugar daddy, get one and milk him for everything he has. Be clever about it. If he gets you a car it had better be a BMW not a Vitz. Let him buy you a house in Karen not put you up in a ka-rental in Buruburu for 20k. If you’re going to sin, SIN BIG!”
Of course there are other dudes to avoid and I’m sure you’ll be able to figure them out by yourself. These are just the ones I can think of now and they’re the most common on campus. You probably didn’t need my advice but that’s what big bro’s are there for; giving you advice you don’t need. Whatever you do though, no matter which dude you choose, I’m your big bro and I am, and will always be, here for you.
Your loving brother,

That’s a note I dropped on my sis. Are there any dudes you feel I left out? Got something to say? Sound off in the comments below. Peace!!!