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Through the Crystal Ball

I have read a lot of books in my life so far, more than most people will read in their lives. It’s something I’m quite proud of, and I also love doing it. Books allow you to visit worlds unseen, experience the lives of other people, and learn from their experience and wisdom without ever having to leave your couch. They are the window to people’s souls and a reflection of their conscience.
I’m of the opinion that if people read as much and as widely as I do, they’d be more open minded and unprejudiced. They’d see that the experiences of all human beings share a common thread and the same emotions as them.
This post is not about the beauty and wonderment of books – though I ought to do one – it’s more about my tendency to describe myself using some of the descriptions in books, because sometimes you just find the right words to something you were feeling or experiencing that you couldn’t put into words on your own.
I’ve always wanted to do a post on how I see myself. If you’ve been following my blog for some time you already can tell a thing or two, or a lot more depending on how perceptive you are, about me and my self-image. What you may not know is, that image is all part of a master plan that I have in my head. I won’t tell you what the plan is but I will tell you how I came up with it or rather how I see it, and I’ll use a description that Sidney Sheldon used, because it’s so apt.
He once described a character who was coming up in the world, the character would look in the mirror and not see his reflection but an image of himself as he wanted it to be in a number of years. It’s the same thing with me, when I’m looking in the mirror I don’t always see my good looking reflection but an image of myself in 10 years. I then look on that image and think on what it would take to achieve that and then work towards it.
If he’s fit it means that I hit the gym. If he’s knowledgeable then I read and listen to gain that knowledge and wisdom. If he’s rich… not sure how exactly I’m working towards this yet but I’m in campus so that’s at least a step in the right direction. I’m hoping the knowledge and experience I gain there will help me towards this.
I think this is great way to look at yourself especially if you’re feeling down or sad. You look in the mirror and see, not what you are now, but what you’ll be and feel, in the future when your plans come together.
I’d like to hear how you see yourself, the methods you use to gaze into the future and how you’re working to getting there. Leave a response in the comments or drop me an email. I always respond…eventually :). Peace!!!

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