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The Maseno Room Crisis

It’s the first day of school for me, I’ve been here every day for a week but this is what I’m counting as my first day in that I’ll be fully settled down. It’s taken almost a week to get a room. Things in school have been, as my dad is sometimes fond of saying, ELEPHANT.
Our VC, in his infinite wisdom accepted to admit 3500 freshmen. He not only admitted them but he also decided to house them on campus never mind that we don’t have nearly enough beds to house them and us the over probably 8000 students who were to join them a week after. Most of the opening week was spent running about campus scrambling for a meagre number of rooms left (according to the lottery that we had there we only under 600 beds left).
I don’t do scrambles, it wasn’t my fault my fees were paid late and I live close enough to school that I wasn’t  too concerned. The only problem with staying at home is the fact my dad is there which means having friends randomly over was out of the question or even them staying over was out of the question which means the amount of head I’d be getting would reduce to nil, not that I was getting much in the first place.
The incompetence of our Vice Chancellor is shocking! Talking to some of our student leaders, useless lot themselves, word reached me that the VC had plans to build some quick structures to hold students but the question is, why wasn’t this plan implemented 4 months ago as we went for holiday? Or did he just hear about the increased intake a couple of weeks before we opened? That he was having crisis meetings the week we got back is telling.

Anyway, enough with stories of my poor vice chancellor. Join me in welcoming back my editor and, perhaps more importantly, to active blogging. He plans to review every episode of the current season of Tusker Project Fame (very ambitious, but I know he’s up for it). I don’t watch the show myself but I will be reading his work every week and hope that you will too. Once again welcome back @TheOkelo. You can catch his reviews from here. Peace!!!