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For a Mother on Her Birthday

So I logged in to Facebook last week and found my sister had written a birthday note for our mum.

A Note of Gratitude to Mama
I cannot thank God enough for having you in my life. Never have I seen anyone still love and tolerate me even when you felt like roasting me for dinner 😛
You have taught me all the lessons I now know that have kept me as a daughter you take pride in and I stand confident before God and men with gratitude to you. I take pride and confidence in the greatest lesson of all: God, since He is the foundation and fortress behind who I am and upon whom I stand.
The times I felt crushed and broken by life’s happenings, I ran to you, sometimes with tears and you were and are always there to listen, encourage, advise and pray.
You helped me stick to what I believe in and helped me keep my head up high even when others around tried to drag me down.
I attribute who I am today to you and the God you taught me to lean on and trust in first.
I am yet to see a woman stronger than you in any aspect and I take pride in being ‘militant like my mother’ 😛 since because of that I have been able to face life head-on and still afford a smile amidst the storms of life.
A mother to many, my strength, my confidant, my hero, my best friend, my mother! I love you soooooo much ma’, God bless and provide for you in abundance. And on this special day……
It’s beautiful; really really beautiful! I not being one to be left behind decided to write one too.

Ah mother, (because Dear is too mainstream)
What is there really to say that I haven’t said to you before? I mean for me, you’re the rock in my life: unchanging, unflinching and solid, grounding me to reality. To me you are the great I am. If not for you I’d be without faith or purpose, rudderless, drifting through life without a goal. I almost worship you as a goddess.
You always complain that I never notice anything different about you: when you change your hair or lose weight or even change clothes; but that’s because for me you’ll always look the same my entire life: beautiful and radiant. To me, you are just as young and beautiful as you were when I was a baby.
All the ladies that love me, have loved me and will ever love me have you to thank for my gentlemanly nature. You’ve taught me what honour and discipline are and how a woman deserves to be treated. As you can imagine I’m particularly thankful for this.
You and I may not always agree, though I give you a lot less stress than the others Dee, you always listen to me patiently and try to make me see your side of anything.
This feels so pitiful compared to what Dee wrote and words seem empty when trying to describe what you mean to me but I hope you can feel the emotion behind them.
And yes I still remember I owe you a pair of diamond soled sandals. I always try to keep my promises, yet another value you put in me. I love you above all other women (but not girls ;)) in the world.
Happy birthday mother!
I love you.
  1. Aaah Sid i knew you will not be left behind!!! I love you kids to bits…by the way I am not the great I am…but it is good to know you think of me like that…remember Christ is the great I AM..and hasn't God been the I am in our lives, hasn't he? he has been a Father, a helper. a friend and a lover.

    And you Baby Boy are going to be a great man- A loving husband and father, a hilarious son and brother to the rest and I know god will make you into a great Nation.

  2. Baby boy? Even at this age I'm still a kid, aren't I? 😀 I knew you wouldn't miss the "great I am" reference, been waiting years to use it. I'm so glad you think so highly of me

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