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So You Got Pregnant… in Campus…


I am someone who holds very strong opinions on many subjects, but with even those strong opinions I’m still willing to hear the other side of the argument and consider it in light of my own views. But there’s one topic that I come down very hard on and won’t even consider the views of anyone else no matter what they say or who they are; that is getting pregnant in university.
University is supposed to be the time of exploration and discovery. You’re supposed to making friends and having those experiences you’ll look fondly on the rest of your life. You’re to discover who you are and the type of person you want to be.
And this is all ruined by pregnancy.
Every one of my friends who has gotten pregnant or had a friend of theirs get pregnant knows that I’ll react to that news in one way, “That’s so stupid” I mean come on! Who, despite how ever much they love a boy, or want to have kids, comes to campus with the plan to get pregnant?
All the options that you have to prevent such a situation from happening starting from condoms all the way up to abortion (illegal in Kenya, not that that’s ever stopped anyone, and definitely not for everyone) all failed? Really that’s what you want to tell me?
Condoms are statistically 99.999% effective in protection against STIs and STDs and as a family planning method *read avoiding babies*. I don’t know what kind of sperm you need to get past that 99.999% but I’d like to imagine that happens when the condom bursts. This means that if you bring me that bullshit argument of “What if the condom bursts?” you’re trying to say that you’re one in 100000. Give me a break. In fact some cursory research (Google hehe) suggests that most condoms break due to poor use and other facts such as expiry (talking of dry spells) or exposure to heat (usually from sitting in your wallet for too long, still on that dry spell kick). So as a Public Service Announcement feel free to go here to learn about safe use of condoms.
Careless and reckless! Those are the words that come to mind when someone tells me they got pregnant because in every case, EVERY CASE, it was what happened. Never heard of a condom bursting yet. People, usually the ladies, were hoodwinked into believing this concept called safe days, told that they’ll be able to get E-pills the next day. One that I heard today was condoms are unable to break the hymen so the first time has to be raw. Another case in point is that condoms don’t feel as good as the real thing (probably true but not worth the risk), “I’ll cum outside” or, my favourite of the list, “Just the tip” (Yeah because dicks have shoulders that will prevent full entry). All of those are just careless and you almost deserve to get pregnant if you believe them. Careless also includes those who want to trick their partners into marriage or staying with them. The reckless comes down to this; you want to have sex and you don’t care about the details. Both just say stupid to me.
Are there exceptions to my harsh judgement? Yeah, if you’re the one in a hundred thousand, if you’re in 4th year, second semester because you’re about to get into the labour market and therefore be able to take care of your kid and finally if you’re married (had a roommate who was married when he was in 1st and I was in 3rd O_o).
Please, please, please people of the internet, if you learn one thing from this humble blog of mine, learn how to use a condom and use it every time you have sex particularly if you’re in campus. Peace!!!