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The Pressures of Event Organising

Every time before an event I’m organising goes down, I get this sick apprehensive feeling in my chest, a tightening that makes my heart speed up just a tad as if my heart had less space in which to operate and had to compensate just to get the same amount of blood flowing.

The thing with an event in which you’re charging people entrance for is whether it’ll be worth it for the people who are attending. I’m one of those people who believes in making their own fun, but I recognise that it’s not that way for a lot of people. Then need a crowd of people having fun for them to get into the mood and loosen up. They’re the type of people who agitate their friends to leave clubs and parties simply because they look empty, never mind they just came in with a bunch of their own friends and the music is kicking. I call them dampeners.
These are the people who I worry most about at an event, they’re the one who start mumbling under their breath’s about something being boring. They’re the first to start talking while someone performs. They mess up the chi of events, ruining it for other people.
How do you deal with people like this? You don’t. Not directly anyway. You have to make sure you have as many as people, who like me, are willing to see the fun in an event and are determined to have a good time. Luckily, I know a few of these people and they’ll be coming to my event. Hopeful their energy, and mine, will be enough to overwhelm the dampeners and make the event great for the rest of the normal people who come. Peace!!!