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A Change in #TodaysReads


Hey guys; just a small announcement. Last Friday’s #TodaysReads will be the last one of the series. While it was fun putting up such posts everyday and letting you know what I was reading, it was always an experiment just to see what it could become.

So now we’re here, 2 weeks later, and after asking my editor to review the last two weeks and whether he felt it was worthwhile to continue, he got back to me with the single best reason we should discontinue the program: the site was beginning to look like more like the #TodaysReads of Sidney than my private thoughts.(This is why he’s editor and I’m just a writer)

Being the brilliant man he is, he did come up with an alternative; instead of releasing them every day we switch to a weekly post so we don’t overwhelm all the other content we’re producing. 
So that’s what we’re going to do.

We’re still working on how it’ll work and stuff so look out for that. Peace!!!