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#TodaysReads: DIY Wolverine Claws, The Kenyan Driving Licence, Thigh Butt and more (16.5.14)

Thigh butt It being a Friday, I think we can start on a light note. The moment I read this definition, someone came to mind :D. Urban dictionary often has hilarious definitions like this and sometimes they bring a smile to your face. Other times it’s disgusting. So it’s a bit of a hit or miss.

The ratio of thigh to butt on a woman; easily viewable by a visible “crease” between the thigh and butt. The thigh to butt ratio is larger based on the length of the crease

Dude Builds Fully Automatic Wolverine Claws In His Garage So cool!!!! The guy who made these is so excited about them in the video. And who wouldn’t be? And he made them SPARK???!!!!! This is the coolest thing I’ve seen on YouTube in a while.

Kenyan terror threat prompts evacuation of UK tourists Well this war on terror may be costing us more than we can afford.

The FCO said the main threat came from extremists linked to the militant Islamist al-Shabab group.
It advised against all non-essential travel to anywhere within 37 miles (60km) of the Kenyan-Somali border.
Thomson said those already in the country would be flown out either overnight on Thursday or later on Friday.
Tourists have also been warned to avoid the Mombasa Island area, but the FCO said its advice did not include the Diani beach resort or the nearby Moi International Airport.
The United States, France and Australia issued similar alerts, prompting the Kenyan government to criticise the advice as “obviously unfriendly”.

Safaricom set to earn Sh8bn for managing security system Yesterday I asked exactly how Safaricom would benefit from building this system for free. The 8bn mentioned here is for the 12bn system but hidden in the middle of this article is something that should give us all pause. Antitrust lawyers should have a field day with this.

The company is to build a high-speed fourth generation network — also known as Long Term Evolution network — and supply the police with radio communication devices (GSM walkie-talkies fitted with SIM cards).
Telecoms industry analysts said the deal has effectively tilted the market in favour of Safaricom because it frees the operator’s hands to move to a higher quality platform.
Rivals Airtel, Orange and yuMobile must keep using the third generation platform until the State cuts through the maze of regulations it had set around the 4G network.

Safaricom’s savvy offer to the government is being seen as part of the company’s charm offensive meant to win it more frequencies and grant it an easy pass through an impending renewal of its operating licence next month.

IT’S THE 21ST CENTURY, BUT WOULD YOU TAKE A LOOK AT THE KENYAN DRIVING LICENSE? One of the pain point for drivers in this country other than the bad roads and corrupt cops, we have the poor look of our driving licenses. This particular rant comes from my very first blogging mentor called Savvy Kenya. Go ahead an check it out.