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Getting to iHub: The Interview

This will be the penultimate post of the series. I had been called in to interview. I was stoked, but at the same time super apprehensive. I had never done an interview before and wasn’t sure what to expect. I knew that iHub was a cool company and seeing that it was for an internship position I was hoping that I wouldn’t be asked to demonstrate any complex coding.

I did however do a few things to prepare. I first made sure that everything I had mentioned in my cover letter I could demonstrate or explain clearly. Which included the facial recognition project I had done and the methods I used. I googled likely interview questions for interns and made sure that those that applied to me I could answer without hesitation. And finally I read everything I could about iHub research and got to know the people I may be interviewing with.
On the day of the interview, I was dressed smart and formal (no tie) and had gotten a hair cut. I smelt great, I always do, but I had put on some cologne I never use because it was a gift from my aunt. How I smelled probably didn’t matter to the interviewers but it mattered to me and to my confidence levels.
I got to the building early, more than 30 minutes early, and found myself parched. I was probably just nervous. I went to the supermarket near by and got a water. Then I wallked into the building for my interview about 15mins early.
It was noted that I was early – I’m not sure it was a good thing though – and I had to wait for another meeting to end and then was called to the couch area for the interview.
I was interviewed by a panel of four. It was an interview like I had never had before or, I fear, ever have again. It was more of a conversation with questions mostly directed at me. We discussed some of the aspects of my CV and cover letter and what I thought I could help the organisation with. We ever got round to discussing twitter of yore, being on radio and what it was like going to school so far from Nairobi. I must say it was a mostly pleasant interview though I have to admit my glaring inexperience working with data was noted.
I was thanked for coming and told I would hear from them soon.
I left there with a slight spring in my step because it had gone as well as I could’ve hoped for. Even if I didn’t get it I had done as well as I could have.

Obviously I got the internship otherwise what would have been the point of a posting all this? 😀 Working at the iHub has quiet literally exceeded my expectations in every way. I work with a bunch of really fun and cool people. My input in meetings and in projects is taken as seriously and as valuable as anyone else on the team. I’ve met so many cool people – who I don’t work with – and I don’t have to dress in any particular way to work. But best of all is that I work on a project that I care about and could quiet literally be used all around the world one day.

I plan to write more about the culture of the iHub as I see it and all the cool things that go there but just in case I don’t get round to it you should read this post by one of the founders of iHub, Eric Hersman, to get an idea of what it’s like here.

In the final post of the series I hope to put to you everything I’ve learnt into distinct points that you can use to think about how you apply to getting an internship at the iHub or really any organisation for that matter. Peace!!!

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  1. Congratulations! That's an awesome placement you got there. iHub is a big deal.

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