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The Experimental Challenge

The problem about setting up challenges and telling certain people about it is that sometimes they hold you accountable to it. Which is really annoying when you forget about doing it first thing in the morning and find yourself at 4 pm rushing to get it done before you’re asked about it.

I had been thinking of trying to do a post every day this week starting today. In the beginning I called it an experiment, but my editor @TheOkelo pointed out that it’s more of a challenge (he has the annoying habit of correcting me) but while I was writing it occurred to me that it can still be considered an experiment because I wonder exactly what the quality of the writing and content will be if I have to write something every single day. I guess we’ll know at the end of the week.
Anyway, back to being held accountable. Since I told Okelo about it I’m sure he’s just waiting to remind me that I’m yet to deliver. He has this way of making me feel worthless if I don’t deliver on things, almost the same feeling you get when your parent looks at you, not in anger but in disappointment. I really hate it. I wonder if he makes all his friends feel that way or it’s just me. I think these are residual effects from when he was my leader in St John’s Cadet (a great time) and he would command me left, right and center – literally, he lead us when we marched.
Anyway I hope I’m able to keep up the posts all week. Just to warn you, don’t expect for them to be too long. I rather suspect most will be about 300 words or so, but I promise I will be doing my best and at the end of it I’m sure my editor will be judging whether the experiment is a success. Peace!!!