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The Lunchtime Assessment

(The following events take place on the day that was the 16th of July 2014)
It’s been another long day and I’ve only just checked into the house at 2100hrs. I’ve been at a work thing since 1600hrs. Before that, I’ve been struggling to have my computer dual boot into Ubuntu. In the end I gave up and plan to try another flavour of Linux. I want to use Linux for my development because it seems more like a programmer’s environment and also because it’s the only major OS I’ve not used for daily stuff.
Also today my lecturers came to access me at work. It didn’t start well. The lecturer said that he’d be there by 1100hrs or 1200hrs. He came at 1240hrs. Furthermore, he went to the wrong floor and instead of asking anyone there how he could find me he decides to call me. Unfortunately I was in a meeting and had left my phone on my desk. When we finally met he gets mad at me saying, “I’m not pleased you’ve kept us waiting” and he wouldn’t hear any of very excellent reasons or the fact that he came at lunch time; while giving me the stank eye because of how I was dressed: jeans and a tshirt, probably because it was too casual. I probably lost marks there.
The rest of the assessment, nonetheless, went well. I gave them the iHub tour, told them about some of the things I’ve done and in particular the work I’ve done on Umati, the project I work on. It’s a good thing that I’m constantly asked by the many people who visit us what I’m working on and what the project is about so at this point I know it forwards and backwards.
One of them asked me whether my supervisor was really that or just one of my collegues, and I told him that he was and added, “Don’t judge him for being so young, as you look at him he’s already started a company and successfully exited from it” Which I think impressed them.
Yesterday’s post was aptly named by Okelo “3 Movies and the Morning After“. Good damn brilliant and simple. If it was me I would probably have named it something bland like random thoughts on Tuesday. Peace!!!