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9 Reasons to Intern at iHub

When I did the series about Getting to iHub, I mentioned that I may do a post on why it’s such an awesome place to intern. This is that post. This is how I would convince any student in this country to come work for us, the reasons I’d give them.  1. The Dress Code… Read more »

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Getting to iHub: Lessons Learned

So this will be a post just recapping some of the things I’ve said in the last four posts. Think of it as the tl;dr of them Find and follow companies that inspire you. I’ve been a white member(registered) at the iHub since it’s inception in 2010, I follow them on Twitter, read the email… Read more »

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Getting to iHub: The Interview

This will be the penultimate post of the series. I had been called in to interview. I was stoked, but at the same time super apprehensive. I had never done an interview before and wasn’t sure what to expect. I knew that iHub was a cool company and seeing that it was for an internship… Read more »

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Getting to iHub: The Pitch

Now I had my CV and a decent cover letter. So what next? Well what happened next was a series of very fortunate coincidences that would lead me to an interview with iHub research. The first thing was when Rachel, the old community manager at iHub came to my school with Intel to train students… Read more »

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Getting to iHub: The Letter

So yesterday (9.4.14), I put up a post that began to describe how I got an internship opportunity at iHub Research. In this post I’ll be putting up sections of the original cover letter I wrote. I’ve only edited it to remove some sensitive information. [My name and introduction were here talking about where I’m… Read more »

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Getting to iHub: The Search

I have been working with iHub, under their research arm as a research associate (my own way of saying intern because associate sounds better), for the last month, and since the beginning I’ve been meaning to do a couple of posts on  how exactly I got there and what it takes to get an internship… Read more »