#TodaysReads: Breaking the Scratch Card Code, Modern Mythology & More (23.5.14)

Are you audacious? This post is a constant reminder to be so over the top and courageous with my plans. The product only works on tablets.The VC: “Aren’t you concerned that tablets skew older, that most young people use phones, and isn’t your business depending on attracting young users?”The entrepreneur: “Well, eh, uh etc.”He talked for […]

#TodaysReads: AI, Twitter, Lost Legends & More (22.5.14)

“It works like the brain.” So? Because I’m so into artificial intelligence, I’ll start with a post on it. Here we’re reminded that just because something is described as being like the brain doesn’t mean that it is important or even revolutionary. But here’s the thing: this “like the brain” label usually isn’t a lie — […]

#TodaysReads: China’s Interest in Kenya, Microsoft Bans Google from Conference & more (21.5.14)

COMPLIANT MOA ROLLS OUT CASHLESS PAYMENT “1963 TRAVEL CARD” With the new rules requiring public service vehicles to have cashless systems, Compliant decided to have first mover advantage and launch their own card. Given that Equity has generally failed with it’s Beba card, one has to wonder if they’ll be able to hack it. Finally, no […]

#TodaysReads: From Light to Matter, Hypercamp & more (19.5.14)

The real reason net neutrality is right Yet another reason for net neutrality and I think one that supersedes them all. Not that the others are wrong but this one is particularly good. I’ve written about my own thoughts on neutrality here. The ISPs and entertainment companies want to restrict the flow of the Internet for their […]